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The Lumens Prism combines the two genera of butterfly that exhibit the most extreme properties of coloration on earth Morpho and Arhopala. Morpho sulkowski, nicknamed the Lumens butterfly, is found at high altitudes in Bolivia and Peru and is so brilliantly reflective it almost seems to radiate its own light. Conversely, Arhopala hercules from Indonesia is so densely colored that I have yet to find a way to capture it's color accurately on film. It almost seems to act as a mini-black hole, consuming the light in its immediate proximity. The accenting butterflies used in this piece are also Arhopala species from several different Indonesian islands.

Dimensions: 24" W | 30" H
Frame: Black with White Mat
This is made from a natural material, and as such there may be variations in color.

Expect 6-8 weeks for shipping.

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