Jan 11
Rose Residence

Well, where do I even begin with Mrs. Cheryl Rose?  When you first meet her, she will greet you with a bright smile, open arms, and a kind heart.  She smells of roses and is always put together from head to fabulously-healed toe. Needless to say, we always look forward to her visits here at Alice Lane!

The first time we stepped through Cheryl’s grand French doors we were in awe with the simple beauty that greeted us. Her home was timeless and elegant, just like darling Mrs. Rose. This is when our love affair officially began.

Her space needed to be peaceful, effortless, and uncomplicated.  It was absolutely essential that Cheryl’s home was a refuge, a personal retreat where she could escape from the busy and wild world outside.  We layered textures and calming hues over elegant silhouettes, installed celestial-inspired art and added a little mood lighting to create the ultimate sanctuary.

The Powder Room – oh, the Powder Room!  It is filled with a special gallery of Christopher Marley’s finest work, from Abalone Shells to Mineral Crystals to a mosaic of the most charming bugs you have ever seen!  It is an absolute jewel box for her family and friends to admire – who knew a Powder Room could draw such a crowd!

The Master Bedroom is filled with details that whisper luxe and beauty.  Varying shades of the same color create a restful environment.  To keep the palette interesting, we combined multiple textures to create depth and character.  This Master retreat definitely makes it a little harder to get out of bed in the morning!

Thank you, Cheryl, for graciously letting us into your home and your life.  We no longer just consider you a client – but a lifelong friend.


[photos by Meikel Reece]


We used to carry them but the company who makes them has actually discontinued them. If you are interested, we can find something similar – Just give us a call (801) 802.6266.


These photos are beautiful! That wallpaper is my favorite. Such a great post about a beautiful home. Although I can tell you it looks a little different when her grandchildren visit and all the breakables are put away. :)


Do you sell the “sailor star chart” (I think that’s what it is :) poster?? If so I must have it!

Laurie C

Do you carry the constellations art print? If not, do you have a source for it? Thanks!


We do carry this. We don’t have it in the store right now but we can order it in for you at any time. Give us a call if you have additional questions or if you would like to place an order. (801) 802.6266


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