Mar 18
Show N’ Tell – Domo Headquarters

Here at Alice Lane we traditionally work on residential design projects. And while we’ve really tried to establish ourselves as leaders in that field, we can’t tell you how good it feels to also stretch our wings into the world of commercial design. Awhile ago we had the opportunity to design the headquarters for DOMO, a vastly growing business solutions company based in American Fork, Utah. The thing we love about commercial design is it forces you to think outside the box and allows you to explore some rather unconventional design.

wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_0928_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_0945_Edit

Our design objective with this project was to keep a bit of that “start up business” feel while incorporating sophisticated design that the company could grow into (which they certainly have). Even with its big boy pants on, you still get that fun and youthful vibe that’s a direct reflection of who they are.

wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1082_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1098_Edit

The furnishings were kept clean, simple, and modern. This allowed for some of the other design elements to really stand out, like the blue gallery wall that boasts the logos of some of their more prestigious clients.

wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1136_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1148_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1091_Edit

And how rad is this tech wall? It’s not every day that we’re challenged with the task of fitting 30 screens onto a wall. In fact, most the time we’re trying to hide and conceal our client’s TV screens. Needless to say, this was liberating!

wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_0971_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1277_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1280_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1313_Edit

You’ll find that in just about every space there is something that reflects the quirkiness of DOMO. Whether that be a giant mural of Smokey and the Bandit, or a gallery wall full of their notorious billboards, every square inch of this office space was designed to embody the fun and upbeat culture they’ve created.

wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1317_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1212_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1232_Edit

The executive offices were comfortably furnished to make them feel a little more at home. After all, the majority of one’s day is spent in the office. We used soft upholstery pieces and natural wood tones to really warm up the spaces. Can’t you just imagine Don Draper from Mad Men making himself right at home in here?

wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1194_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1182_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1181_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1022_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1015_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1038_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1069_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1051_Edit

We carried the natural wood tones throughout our design and one of our favorite applications was on the separation screens in the employee break room. All of the natural light that streams into this space is beautiful! And to top it all off, how rad is the bike rack room?!

wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1283_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1288_Edit wc_AliceLaneHome_Domo_20150829_1265_Edit

We loved everything about working on this project. So, here’s to flexing those commercial design muscles more! If you’re in need of commercial design or know someone who is, we’d love to hear from you.

Designed by Jessica Bennett & Natalie Ellis | Photos by Weston Colton





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