Aug 18
Show n' Tell – Nemrow Kitchen

Just when I think I’ve nailed down my style, a client comes along that inspires a new branch to my design tree.

The Nemrow’s are a young family with three sugar-coated lil’ girls living in a contemporary home in Pleasant Grove, and they sprouted this new style seed. In an attempt to make this home their own, they have remodeled and added areas but were stumped when they got to the unfunctional galley of a kitchen. They have a very edited yet animated aesthetic but translating that to hard surfaces in a kitchen can be trickier than to a living room or bedroom. when the Nemrow’s gave us free reign to shimmy walls and eject windows, Jess and I were elated when we began to think of the possibilities! By rotating the kitchen and allowing the eye to rest on one great focal wall, the universe was good again and a functional kitchen was born!

There is something so liberating about open shelving! it allows you to display the things you use and love everyday and forces you to edit! (I’m doing this in my own kitchen and am beyond excited to live a little more like Anjerie!)

That tile! Oh that tile!! What can I say but that tile is EVERYTHING! By taking it all the way to the ceiling, we pronounce that we just can’t get enough that tile!

This fish from Natural Curiosities is a good time! not only is the scale insane in the membrane, but he’s got a full set of teeth and we adore him!

– Suzanne

[photos by Meikel Reece]


Gorgeous as always, but fun and refreshing to see a more contemporary home in Utah. Hmm…I wonder if this family is related to my BYU accounting professor with the same name? Love the use of tile, the open shelving, and the beams.


Suzanne..what a fabulous job you did. This place is so fresh and I just love the style…not your everyday Utah style home.

great job!


What an amazing transformation! I would have never thought to cover up those windows but that truly made all the difference!!! Fantastic job ladies!


Very nice! What material did you use on the counter tops? I like the clean simplicity of it.


WOW! So jealous, this is seriously my dream kitchen. I actually drive by this house all the time and have always wondered what it looked like inside. :) Fantastic job!


where did you buy the floating shelves and any advice on installing or buying them or weight restrictions?
Thanks so much!!


Our client’s contractor actually made the shelves for her. She is actually very cautious on what she puts on the shelves. The Pellegrino bottles were plastic.



This is my inspiration kitchen! I saw these photos on HOUZZ and searched for the sources for months before I ran into this blog. Even though this was done over 3 years ago, I feel that all the materials are timeless and I love it-not your average Utah kitchen. Thank you so much for the info. I live in Utah by a Contempo and already have the tile sample. It is a discontinued tile but they luckily have enough for us!


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