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Show n' Tell – Nemrow Theatre

Show n' Tell – Nemrow Theatre

You all remember the Nemrow’s right?  The amazing kitchen transformation we featured on our blog a couple years ago?  Well, you can imagine my excitement when Anjerie called and said they were finishing their basement and needed help with the plans, specifically the long anticipated theatre!  It is so gratifying to design for a completely trusting client and that is exactly what Anjerie and Scott are.  As a designer, having this freedom allows you to flex a different muscle and the spaces always end up spot on.  It’s Magic!!!

When scheming on the look and feel of the space, I wanted it to be clean, style-forward, and sophisticated; I pictured large art, strong contrasts, and plenty of seating for the Nemrow’s and their posse. We treated the walls with an applied board rhythm and painted it a deep ink color.  We had a great opportunity to create a soffit and highlight the center of the room with an absolutely insane wallpaper!  It looks like a silver-leafed lunar surface with dollops of gold and patina thrown in the mix- completely hypnotic!

When it came to the kitchenette, Scott had a lot of appliance requests. It’s was a slim space, but we managed to pull off a small miracle and got it all to fit perfectly. Why? Because that’s what we do!

Dr Pitt!  It’s like the largest party barge you’ve ever seen!  It’s perfect for a theatre or any space where you need a whole lot of comfort (and even more cuddling!).  We wrapped it in a charcoal velvet and upholstered the ottomans in a vinyl that looks like shark skin!

The theatre recliners were upholstered in a bone colored leather and my favorite Michael Weiss barstools were done in funky teal leather.

The art was and lighting is always my favorite layer. Until this is up, your room will never feel complete.  In this space, I didn’t want to propose knick knacks and small prints; instead, I chose large art that made an impact. We started with Albert Einstein’s “Moon Study” which is just sooo brilliant, and added two vertical stripe prints (which reminded me of TV static) and the most beautiful mirror in the whole world!

This mirror has massive Swarovski crystals embedded into the frame….its bonkers and deserves an award.

What makes the project is the people you get to work with and we loved combining forces with Scott Dent at RC Dent Construction.  And to Anjerie and Scott, we adore you and are so grateful to know you and your darling family.  Thank you!  Mwaw!

– Suzanne

[photos by Meikel Reece]


  • November 2, 2012



  • November 3, 2012


    Wow. Most beautiful movie room I’ve ever seen.

  • November 9, 2012

    That is serious jaw dropping design! Amazing work!

  • January 7, 2013


    That wall paper on the ceiling looks fun, where could I find that, do you guys sell that in the store? Thanks

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