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Show n' Tell – Poolside Retreat

Show n' Tell – Poolside Retreat

Summer is here and I couldn’t be more thrilled! This past weekend the sun was officially out and people were camping, barbecuing, and basking by the pool. It dawned on me that I have three solid months to make the most of this, and I’m not going to waste a second.

Being a lover of the outdoors, I opten find myself dreaming of what my ideal poolside would look like, and being a designer, I was actually able to create it… (on paper at least). A favorite client of mine recently purchased a contemporary home, and one of the best features is the infinity pool overlooking our beloved Utah Valley! It is dreamy and perfect for entertaining. The only problem is there is nowhere to sit, eat, or be merry. With such an ideal backdrop I got to work and started to dream of how I’d use the space. poolside chaises were a must for the day and a breezy lounge was where I’d for sure spend my nights. Below are a few of the players that make up this summer oasis in my head! (I hope when it’s done I get to come to the party!)

– Suzanne

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