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Show n' Tell – Pretty in Pink

Show n' Tell – Pretty in Pink

Nestled in the hills of Alpine, Utah sits a home with a family of all girls. With its beautiful views, it’s the perfect retreat for this busy bunch. After meeting with the family I found that one daughter in particular was very passionate about pink, and she was adamant that her room be pink. This was a great jumping off point for her bedroom, and from here, I was able to pick the perfect inspiration piece and color pallet.

I started with a pretty floral watercolor. The colors and the feel of the piece were just the inspiration that this room needed. Deciding to go pink-on-pink, I had the walls painted a lovely shade of Monticello Rose from Benjamin Moore.  When painting ceilings, instead of using a stark white, I use a very pale shade (almost white) of the wall color. I will have the walls painted the third or fourth color on a paint strip, and the ceiling painted the lightest color on the top of that strip.

Once I had my inspiration and color pallet, the rest of the pieces have come together easily – fresh but very girly to fit this spunky teen’s personality.


After the walls were painted, I walked through the home with the girls to get their approval on their rooms. When this particular daughter saw that her perfect pink dream had come to life, she was beaming with excitement and delight! I have to say, I was equally as delighted that she loved it! I can’t wait to see her face when she see’s her completed room!

– Natalie


  • June 7, 2013


    So dreamy… my daughter would adore this room!

  • June 7, 2013


    Pink! I love it!

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