Jul 20
Stephanie Nielson

NieNie is an inspiration to us all. We love her blog and find her to be one of today’s most inspirational women! I admire so much her grace and courage to be alive and inspiring through so much discomfort – and change. Not being able to recognize your own exterior would be one of the toughest challenges you could face as a woman… and let me say, after spending a little time with her, Stephanie is the most beautiful woman in the world!

We approached Steph several months back to see if we could brighten a space in her home that she needs help with. There were two areas that she showed us, a basement family room, and an old basement kitchen turned playroom.

We went to work on the space planning – moving this and moving that would give her better use of the space. A new sectional, a charming little occasional chair, use her existing rug…. new lighting, moving the t.v. to the other wall will open up the room, custom Roman shades on the door and window, a little more of this and that… and cabinetry!

For cabinetry, we called on Magleby’s! We are so excited to do this project with them. They are the best! As to not completely overwhelm them, we are splitting the project into two phases.

In round one, they will be building out the back wall in the Family Room. White built-in shelving with lower cabinets complete with a little built-in bench in the middle to snuggle into and read. The cabinets will be installed this Thursday! And the furniture will go in (fingers crossed) on Friday! Stay tuned this week as we show you the progress.

It has been hard to keep a lid on the excitement! We’re so excited this week is FINALLY here!

We envision it all turning out like this!






I love Stephanie! This is so exciting. I can’t wait to see the final product!


Stephanie’s blog is my favorite. She’s so amazing and deserving. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

Nice to know that you’re doing such good things with your (Alice Lane) talents! It couldn’t be done for a better person.


LOVE THIS and LOVE HER!!! Can’t wait to see what you do for her! Her blog is my morning ritual. She is simply amazing. Enjoy your fabulous new space Stephanie!!!


What an amazing experience for both parties! Stephanie and her sweet family deserve a happy place after all they’ve gone through!!! Truly inspiring!


What an exciting project! Stephanie is such an incredible woman. Great rendering.


Such an awesome project, can’t wait to see how it turns out. It couldn’t have gone to a better person, we love Nie Nie!!


What a blessing for Stephanie! Thank you for doing this. I am eager to see the finished job!


Can’t wait to see the end result. I’ve never met Stephanie but she seems like such a doll and I’m excited for her to see her room come alive :)

Angela Noelle

Yay for Nie!

What cracks me up though, is her spaces never look bad to begin with – I really admire her home interiors! But for sure, if she wants brighter and more useable, give the gal whatever she wants, I say! ;)

Jessica Bennett


You’re right, her space to begin was already so charming. We have been fans of hers for quite some time and one day we were “brainstorming” as a team and decided we wanted to give back to the community and this is what we came up with.

Part of the hard part was finding a cabinet maker/builder that was willing to help us out and donate their time and materials to bring the project together. This is where Magleby Companies came in. We are so grateful for Chad Magleby and his team for helping us put this together. They are amazing to work with and do amazing work. You can see them at http://www.maglebycompanies.com/.

We look forward to showing you the final results!


Big ups to you and your team and Chad Magleby and his team for making a difference for a gorgeous lady who we all love!

Dora Taylor

Stephanie is fabulous!! And so is this makeover!!
Where is that rug from?? I have to have it!!

Thank You!


I think Stephanie was a beautiful woman before her accident, now I think she is absolutely stunning! I follow her blog and have nothing but the upmost of admiration and awe for her! Stephanie you are just gorgeous, you have a stunning life ahead of you with your Mr Nienie and your little nienies! Bless you so much. Rachael from New Zealand
p.s the room makeover is divine, just divine darling! xo


I love to read Nie Nie. I go to it everyday. She is beautiful and I love her take on her marriage, her role as a wife and mother. The remodel looks great and her family deserved it!


Go Steph…your room is as gorgeous as you are. Keep on writing..we all love to read your blog. Stay positive.


What fun and whimsy! I love this, it’s perfect for a relaxed but functional area. Thanks for letting us see the transformation!



Hooray for a beautiful space for a very special family!! I’m also getting some inspiration here! The pillows on the sectional look so cute! I love the mixing of colors and patterns – so bright and cheery! It’s a space for a happy family and that’s exactly what I wish for the Nielson’s from now on.


Donna B

Oh, my goodness! Thank you for providing such beauty for our beautiful Stephanie. She gives of herself so freely and graciously. Her blog is uplifting and inspiring to so many people all over the world! Every time I read about someone rewarding the Nielson’s for opening their lives up to the public, even in the worst of circumstances, and shining their pure love, I celebrate. I wish Provo were a bit closer so that I could shop at Alice Lane! Love, love, loving you. Donna


What a beautiful transformation! I adore Stephanie and get outraged when people pick on her. I am sure Alice and company would reverse the accident if they could, I know we all would. Since they can’t I think it is wonderful they have found a way to lighten her burden and brighten her day. I think Stephanie is an example of the golden rule, she is so lovely to those around her that we want to be lovely to her. Well, most of us do I guess…


So nice to see such gracious giving and such appreciative receiving. Thank you all involved for helping and sharing. Stephanie, you’re grace under such adversity is so inspirational. I’m glad that you get to put your creativity to work and at the same time help spread the word about a cool designer. It’s a win/win situation. Enjoy your new living space with your darling family. :)

Diana Thompson

This is AWESOME!!! I love all the colors in the room!! Stephanie is like a ray of sunshine, I read her blog daily and I am so inspired by her and her love for her family. Can’t wait to see the end results, she is very deserving of this makeover!!!


It’s as stylish and graceful as Stephanie. I love it!! Makes me wish I had a basement. Where can I get that blue/gold mirror?

the emily

I adore that little bench, and the fabric on it, and the pillow. And the rug. And the knobs. Okay, all of it. VERY well done.


I just saw some of the transformation posted on Mrs. Nielson’s site. Beautiful!!! You did a perfect job—completely captures her style and personality! Wonderful!!!


Totally beautiful Stephanie. Thank you for sharing that with us as well as your life. You are totally amazing and inspiring. YOU GO GIRL. Mr. Nielson is not too bad on the inspiration side either. I look forward to his posts!

Connie from AZ


Wonderfully creative ideas made the space a happy place to relax and enjoy. Stephanie and family are an inspiration to us all and they do deserve a place like this!

Carol Langford

Wow, you are truly amazing, THANK YOU for doing such a sweet thing for this GREAT family!!! I follow NieNie’s blog, she is such a special woman…she has a tremendous amount of strength, courage and faith. I feel like I know her family through her blog…my prayers are with you Nie! (Mr. Nielson too!)


What a lovely thing for you to do for Stephanie! I know it will be well appreciated and loved.

Cheri Wofford

I love Stephanie too~~ She inspires me daily…She and her family are amazing. Her positive attitude is unbelievable. I am thrilled that you are so generous and recognize how special she is. You are special to because of your act of kindness.. so You inspire me too!!!


An absoloutly thoroughly beautiful woman in and out, and this space looks absoloutly fantastic, she is very deserving, and bless you for doing such a wonderful service to this fantastic and deserving family.

Ga girl

Too bad Magleby’s isn’t closer! I LOVE the built-ins, and the rest of the design work too.


Stephanie provides so much awe-inspiring energy on her blog that this is no surprise she would be getting more and more goodies! What a peachy service you are providing her. I can’t think of a more well deserving soul.


What a darling room design! And such an awesome gift for this family who has been through so much! I am truly impressed.


What a beautiful room! It just oozes happiness, love and fun. Stephanie inspires me every day to be a better me. Thank you for sharing the plans, I can’t wait to see the room finished!



Love the look, the cabinets are awesome and I’m jealous. Have been a long time reader of Stephanie’s blog and still look forward everyday to reading it.

You guys were so kind to do this for her, she is SO deserving. She deserves beautiful things in this world to brighten it up and ease her discomfort and pain.

Grammy Pat

LOVE IT. Go Suzanne..so much fun to see your work. Also, am interested to know if any improvements will be made to the chokey?

Amy Riggs

NO ONE is more deserving of this than Stephanie. To know her personally, is to be touched by an angel. She has shown me the goodness people have in their hearts and restored my faith in people when I needed it most. She is the most phenomenal mother, wife, friend, sister and THE BEST yoga instructor Arizona will ever see. Thank you for doing this for her. Amazing.


I am so pleased for Stephanie’s new basement makeover…she truly deserves to be the recipient of such a wonderful gift…thanks to Alice Lane and Magleby’s! You are so loved, Stephanie…congratulations from University Place, Washington!!!!


I can’t think of anyone who deserves this more. I can only hope that this room will bring her happiness on days when she is not feeling “happy”.

Kate Kelly

stephanie is an inspiration and this room is the same! she will have lots of fun times with her family in this space. kudos to all those who are making this happen!


Beautiful room for a beautiful family. Her spirit inspires me to be a better person every day.

Lori Scott

I adore and admire Stephanie’s courage and acceptance through her whole ordeal. She is truly a wonderful person who has brought so much to each qne every one of her followers. I am so happy that you are doing this for the one who gives so much of herself for others.

Linda Heydt

Thank you so much for doing what we’d all like to do…give Stephanie a wonderful gift to help her keep her spirits up. I know she’s strong, but it has to be a daunting task to keep your chin up every day when you are living what she is dealing with on a daily basis. Now…a beautiful gift for our beautiful girl!!!

Sandra Lamb

I LOVE this!!! What it must mean to Stephanie to have this amazing transformation in her own home. To want something and to make it happen are two different things. You made it happen!! Stephanie is the most amazing women to walk the face of this earth. With her determination and streangh and day to day trials, she is an “EXAMPLE” and inspriration to all of us!! Thanks

mark magleby

I just want to say that it was a pleasure working with Alice Lane and the Nielsen Family on phase one of this project…I am the “cabinet guy”. Hopefully when I catch up on some sleep and all the loose ends of my day job we will be able to start phase 2! I was a one man band from start to finish except for a few hours help on the install from a friend of mine and few very late hours of help from my sweetheart on the finish…which, by the way, turned out super silky smooth! It truly was a pleasure to be a part of this project and to work with the great people (super hip ladies) from Alice Lane. cheers!


Hi! I love so much the cloth you’ve used for the curtains. Could you please tell where it comes from? Thank you!


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