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Summer Twirl 2012!

Summer Twirl 2012!

I am such a seasonal girl; whether winter, spring, summer, or fall, I welcome all with open arms! As soon as the weather starts to change, I always get an itch to throw a party, so naturally, as the summer solstice approached, I sent all my home girls at Alice Lane a lil’ invitation to the FIRST ANNUAL ATTIC TWIST & TWIRL! Everyone chatted about what they’d wear, what we’d eat, and where on earth would I fit everyone in the itty bitty attic!

I had big ideas and a small deck where I wanted everything to take place. After the lights were strung and the tables set, my guests began to arrive. We ate the seasons best; Megan brought potato salad, Christy brought caprese bites, Natalie brought kouign amanns (go to Le Madeline in Salt lake and experience these for yourselves) and Jesi topped it all off with her grandma’s famous Strawberry Rhubarb pie! After dining on the deck, we retired to the garden where we played croquet till dark. It was silly and spontaneous – we even hula hooped!

Once the sun had set, it was time for us to make fairies in a jar! All you do is take an old mason jar, dump glow sticks and diamond glitter inside and shake. It was a riot and with just the right Pandora mix, our party got a little crazy! We danced on the rooftop with the lights and no matter what they say, the accidental lantern fire made everything more exciting!

The hour was late but I didn’t want it to end! We still had one more activity… a gift exchange. I believe that you shouldn’t leave a party empty handed and, as women, we love to give gifts almost as much as we love to receive them. Jess was a big fan of the butterfly net Andrea gave her… Megan was not as amused. Such fun!

It was pure  joy, gathering all of my favorite girls together for a midnight summer’s dream – and that’s exactly what it was, a dream. A twirl. A time to celebrate the season and each other. La chiam!

Cheers to summer!



  • June 22, 2012

    Sydney Sherwood

    Absolutely beautiful. Suz’s attic, the decor, the foral arrangements, the food, the twinkle lights, and especially the fashionable ladies!! It is all to die for.

    I miss all of you girls so much and I wish I could’ve been there with you all!! It looks like it was a lovely evening spent with good friends 🙂 The girls at Alice Lane sure do know how to throw a party 🙂

    Did Scout attend?? 🙂

  • June 28, 2012


    Syd -We miss you too!! I wish you could’ve been there!

  • July 22, 2012

    The place is wonderful. Very colorful with dramatic effects. I love the flowers, they looked beautiful.

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