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One of our favorite things about Alice Lane’s design is the diversity—we don’t just cater to one look. We design spaces that our clients will feel truly at home in, and this Sundance cabin is no exception. Linda Spiker is not only the loveliest human, but also an amazing chef who shares healthy and organic recipes on her Instagram and two blogs, The Organic Kitchen and Cook With Me Darling.

Linda is a California native who rescued this quaint cabin nestled in the forest of Sundance canyon, but she needed help making it feel like a personalized escape and gathering space for her family. We reflected her love of natural and organic materials throughout the home, making it a perfect backdrop for her culinary style.

We were happy to capture her at work in the kitchen making a gorgeous (and delicious – yes, we’ve already tasted it) salad that’s a prefect mix of hearty and refreshing for these cold-weather months. Head to Linda’s blog for the recipe and try it for yourself!

Photos by Lindsay Salazar Photography


  • November 6, 2018

    linda spiker

    Thanks for making our little diamond in the rough cabin in the woods and place we cherish!

  • November 17, 2018

    Stephanie Tamayo

    This cabin design is truly superb, it is the perfect getaway. Excellent design!

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