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Three Tips For A Welcoming Front Door

A home’s front door is your first impression. Think of the last time you went to someone’s house for the first time. How did their entrance make you feel? Did you feel welcomed or was it a little uninviting? Especially when coming out of a cold harsh winter, your front entrance might be in need of a little pick-me-up for spring. Here are some simple ways to make your entrance a memorable one.

Every house has numbers, so why not find a cool way to show them? The font, style, size, finish, and layout of house numbers can speak volumes about who lives inside. Are your numbers big and bold or small and subdued? Find numbers that fit your personality and that work well with the integrity of your home. Plus, your guests will be grateful that your home can be easily spotted by it’s number.


The exterior of your home is obviously made up of hard finishes and mostly straight lines – even inside. Add some interest by softening the lines and finishes by bringing in some potted plants or flowers. This simple addition will also bring different textures and colors to your entrance. There’s no better time to do this than in the spring. It adds automatic curb appeal to any home.


Most women will say that an outfit is not complete without jewelry. It’s a way to express yourself and add different layers. The same goes for your front door, too. Give it an over scaled door knocker or a beautiful kick plate (which will also protect your door). Just make sure your door handle is pretty awesome. After all, the hardware is what you’re actually going to be using the most, so it’s worth your while to invest in something you love.


I love some of these amazing door handle options from Rocky Mountain Hardware. They definitely make you want to grab on and walk through that front door.





If you’re still trying to figure out what you need to do to your homes entrance, look at the homes around you for inspiration. Check out the neighborhood and ask yourself, “Does that house look inviting?” If it does, figure out why. My guess is that it has one or two of the items I have listed. So, assess your entry and implement some of these easy options!

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Maggie Allen

I really love all of these door handles and knockers that you listed. My favorite is probably the picture of the baby blue door with the silver “jewelry” on it; the colors look so nice together. Maybe I’ll take a look at my door, and see if my knob needs an update. Plus, it would definitely help out my house’s curb appeal!

Olivia Nelson

I agree that softening a few of the hard lines in a front door would be really helpful. It would make sense that you would want to find a few things to make the space seem more welcoming. I’m looking for a new front door so I’ll have to find one that will be a little more welcoming than the last.

Ivy Baker

Adding some jewelry is some really good advice. I like the idea of having an old school door knocker on my door. It seems like that would give your home a little extra curb appeal as well.

Zachary Tomlinson

Thanks for sharing! I want to remodel my home and I’ll start from the front door. This article is what I’ve been looking for and my favourite part is about looking at other homes for inspiration. I’ll definitely consider these recommendations in order to make my house perfect.

Alice Lane

We’re so glad this article was helpful for you, Zachary! Have fun with your remodel!

Finley Moreira

I loved your idea to use potted plants to help improve the aesthetic of a front door. I’m looking at getting a new front door soon to improve the curb appeal of my home, and I can see how the right decorations also play a part in your home’s aesthetics. I’ll definitely look at getting some plants when the spring comes.

Alice Lane

Yes, curb appeal makes such a big difference! Thanks for the comment, Finley! We’re excited to see what you do with your new front door.


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