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Trends for Fall

Trends for Fall

I get emails daily filling my inbox from all my favorite clothing manufacturers and department stores, telling me what is on-trend and what the MUST HAVES for the season are. Each one different than the next. Everyone has their  own spin on how the interpreted New York Fashion Week. Fall fashion has to be the biggest launch of fashion of all the seasons.We are all just perched on the edge of our seats to launch into it – boots, layers, scarves, hates, jackets, wool, deeper tones, and more texture!

How does all of this equate to the home? We can’t update our home with new looks every season. Or can we? My thought is, just warm it up. I change things up a bit, only twice a year.

It might be a difference of putting away the lightweight spring/summer pillows and bringing out the fall/winter ones. I do it for my sofas and my bed. I swap out the blooms for branches in my large jars and vases.

I’ll change up what’s on the dining table for a more seasonal effect, add votives or large pillar candles in hurricanes. This is not just a “look”. This is a lifestyle. You must light your candles. You can’t just pretend to live this way. You’ve really got enjoy the magic dance that comes from fire when you’re eating or entertaining. I add a neatly folded throw to the back of a chair or arm of a sofa in each room.

Simple ideas, but they will allow you to interpret the fall loks you’re loving in fashion, in your home. If you’re loving purples and raisin tones, tweeds and wools, leather, and furs – all of those can be added with tailored pillows, throws, and table runners!

Don’t be afraid to add more metals and mercury glass to your scheme too. They add sophistication and glimmer. Who doesn’t need more of that? Stop by and see what’s in store for fall at Alice Lane.

– Jessica

[photo 1, 2, 3, & 4 by Meikel Reece]

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  • September 19, 2012


    The mirror – to die for. Alice Lane is the best is the fall, makes me want to cuddle up right in the store to thumb through a design book.

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