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What We Love About March

What We Love About March

1. “There is a feeling in the air when March arrives! It’s a new beginning! I never associate March with being a winter month but the time I start to plan what will be going in my planters and pots!” – Suzanne

2. “All of the spring catalogs and looks are out and I’m ready to shop for a fresh look!” – Holly

3. “The return of color after Winter’s darkness.” – Megan

4. “The days get longer which equals more daylight. Who doesn’t love light!” – Jessica

5. “Luck! Four leaf clovers, horseshoes, wishbones, rabbit feet. Love any little lucky charm.” – Andrea

6. “I love green! Kelly green, chartreuse, hunter green – I don’t discriminate.” – Kristina

7. “I love the first signs of spring – It’s hopeful. Bright. Happy.” – Jessica

8. “Tulips blooming.” – Andrea
“Flowers starting to bud and peek through the snow!” – Megan

9. “I love being able to wear open toed shoes because the weather is getting warmer.” – Jen
“Opened toe shoes are on the horizon. I love me a fresh pedicure!” – Jessica

10. “Spring brings this excitement and energy – a new love for life!” – Holly

What do YOU love about March?

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