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What We Love About September

What We Love About September


1.   “Cozy sweaters, boots, and lots of layers.” – Christy
2.   “Bonfires in the canyon. Crisp, cool air mixed with the smell of campfire.” – Holly
3.   “Sundance summers are fun but Sundance in the fall is everything! The smells, The Foundry, the General Store, the whole place exudes warmth and feels like home.” – Suzanne
4.   “The return of caramel apples and everything pumpkin – bread, cookies, drinks, and more!” – Natalie
5.   “Time for a new candle – Break out the fall smells.” – Jessica
6.   “Warm, gooey colors.” – Jessica
7.   “Tailored jackets and plaid scarves.” – Kristina
8.   “Good TV. All of our favorite shows are back on!” – Jessica
9.   “Getting to sleep with the windows open.” – Megan
10. “New school supplies. Nothing I love more than a fresh notebook.” – Eliesa

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  • September 7, 2012


    Alice Lane needs to start carrying darling notebooks like that!

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