Jan 31
What's in Store – Patterned Rugs

A geometric rug can pull a room together and add an energetic feel. Perfect for breaking up the solid sofa and chairs. Add a few patterned pillows to make the room complete. Although these rooms have a fun and lively feel to them they are still very polished because the amount of pattern is contained to specific areas.

Looking to get a new patterned rug? We have these in store  now!

1. 8′ x 11′ – $770
2. 8′ x 11′ – $770
3. 8′ x 11′ – $770
4. 8′ x 11′ – $725

[photos from Elle Decor & Lonny]


The blue patterned rug with green chairs was a photo found on Elle Decor’s website. We carry all of the rugs below the two room shots though!


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