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What's in Store – Teak Root Coffee Table

What's in Store – Teak Root Coffee Table

Strong, confident, interesting and unique. The root table is a cocktail table to be desired. With it’s organic shape, it brings the feeling of life to a room. Each root is unique and all of the shapes, sizes and colorings vary. Add it to any room for a strong and masculine feel.


See it done two ways –

Used in a more contemporary setting in Metropolitan Home, it provides elegance and doesn’t seem rustic at all.

If drama is what you are looking for, this root has been lacquered black, making this room more contemporary and dramatic.

Stop by and see the root in person!


  • January 20, 2013

    Sherri Krohl

    Wondering where these root coffee tables can be purchased.
    Thank you.
    Sherri Krohl

  • February 11, 2013


    I am interested in purchasing a teak root coffee table and would like some additional info.


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