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When it comes to art… this is the rule:

When it comes to art… this is the rule:


Don’t buy it because “it matches.” Buy it because it stirs something in you. And make sure it will give you the feeling that you want your room to have.

We worked on a home for nearly a year with a client, and could never land on the right piece of art to hang above the fireplace. It needed to be huge, and I really wanted an original piece for her space. An ad in one of the shelter magazines led me to a gallery in Atlanta where I fell in love with a piece they had. We showed the art to the client, and it was a perfect match. We say,  “It looks like the Heaven’s ruffled it’s feathers!” Totally worth the wait.

Alice Lane Home Collection | Private Residence Living Room

Alice Lane Home Collection | Private Residence

On of my favorite designer tricks is to use something bold and loose in a more formal space. It gives the room a pulse and makes it feel young again. It also looks like you hired a designer to help you pull it off!



The Art Sale is on right now at Alice Lane! I have selected over 100 of my favorite pieces and brought them in for this event. Custom orders are also available at the sale price throughout the event. Stop by and let us help you give your home that feeling you’ve been craving.

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 [photos 1-3 by Nicole Hill Gerulat, 4, 5, and 6]



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    This home is amazing! Great advice, Jessica!

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    Can you deliver to other parts of the us?

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