Show N’ Tell – French Moderne Manor: Part VIII

Today we’re taking you into the basement of the French Moderne Manor. Yes, if you can believe it, this well-lit space is a basement! Each floor of this home really has it’s own purpose, and the basement is all about entertainment and fun. Whether it be the culinary masterpiece of a kitchen or the home theater that’s even more glamorous than old Hollywood, this basement has everything you need to entertain a crowd.

Perhaps some of the most modern details of this home present themselves in the basement…like this vintage modern console table behind a low-back chichester sectional in the lounge. We also incorporated a lot of modern art, which really sets the tone for this casual space.




Not every basement kitchen gets an 8 foot long iron range hood…but this one sure did! Our clients love to entertain and host family and friends regularly, so having a space where they could cook and entertain at once was important. Only steps away from the home theater, indoor gymnasium and racquetball court, kids playroom, and lounge… this kitchen is literally central to every party!



The keeping area overlooks the indoor gymnasium making it a great spot for adults to relax and keep an eye on the game below. Designed for relaxation and conversation, it could almost pass for a true gentlemen’s club!


The woodworking details in the home theater are UN-real. Inspired by old Hollywood art deco, the wall panels and columns were trimmed out in a stained oak. Counterbalanced by a modern and geometric wallpaper on the ceiling, this space is a real glam-slam. And let’s just say that the lighting really knows how to set the mood!






Best of Houzz 2016

You know when you’re browsing through your social media channels and fall down a rabbit hole that inevitably leads you to browsing beautiful pictures of homes on Admit it…we’ve all been there. Houzz is one of the many websites we visit regularly to keep up on trends, share our design projects, and search for inspiration. So you can imagine our excitement when we were awarded “Best of Houzz 2016” this past week!

Best Of Houzz 2016_ Alice Lane Home Collection

It’s an honor to be selected among the top 3% of Houzz home pros for upholding standards of excellence. This is the 4th year in a row we’ve been awarded with this title, and it feels pretty darn good to know we continue to be top leaders in design.

Next time you find yourself on, be sure to check out our profile page where you’ll now see a new shiny “Best of Houzz 2016” green badge. You can also view all of our recent design projects there. And if you see something you like or have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to us! We do our best to answer all your questions about our designs and we’d love to help you in the process of making your home your favorite place on earth.

Color in the Kitchen

Last week we were tickled pink to see the kitchen of our Lakeside Loft project spotlighted on as an unexpected way to add color to your kitchen (check out the full article online here if you missed it!). Of course, we’re all for adding color in unexpected ways, and these indigo kitchen cabinets are just one example of that. So, we thought we’d do our own take on 5 Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen…

While we love a white kitchen as much as anyone, it’s nice to see a kitchen that has a little color! Here we opted to paint all the bottom cabinets an indigo blue (Indigo Batik by Sherwin Williams to be exact). It’s a fun contrast to the white cabinets and white subway tile above, and definitely eye catching!

Suzannehallhome Meikel Reece _143-2
Here we painted this cupboard a country green and it’s just the right amount of color in this little kitchenette. If you want to keep your cabinets a classic white, consider painting a cupboard, sideboard, or pantry door instead. This colorful barn door not only adds architectural interest, but gives the kitchen personality!


If you’re not quite ready to make the plunge into painting cabinets, try lining your cabinets with a paper or fabric for a fun pop of color. Here we lined the backs of these glass cabinets with an orange grass-cloth paper in a trellis print. All of the sudden those white dishes just pop! As a bonus, it can make even the simplest of cabinets look expensive and custom.


A colored back splash is a great way to add color in an otherwise neutral kitchen. If you’re looking for a way to set your kitchen apart from all the other white kitchens out there, find a unique tile that speaks to who you are. As a tip, try taking the tile all the way up the wall where allowed. It will intensify the color and make your kitchen look grandeur.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, try incorporating colorful dishes, food, and accessories. They can transform your colorless kitchen into something entirely new. We love to fill jars and bowls with fresh fruits and vegetables (which just so happens to be incredibly convenient to do in a kitchen), and fill shelves with cookbooks. It’s appropriate, practical, and colorful!

Show N’ Tell – French Moderne Manor: Part VII

If only you could be five again and live in a bedroom that was head-to-toe pink! Right? Today we’ll let you dream for a minute or two as we give you a tour of the kids bedrooms in the French Moderne Manor. They’re perhaps the sweetest rooms of them all! Being fairly young, we wanted to create spaces that the kids could grow into and love through each phase of life. In fact, at first glance you might not even categories these as “kids rooms,” but you’ll soon pick up on the subtle touches here and there that make these rooms as youthful as they are beautiful.

















Senior Designer: Christy Klomp
Designers: Kristina Kellett & Kendra Stephenson

GIRLS ROOM: Wallpaper – Dusty Lilac Durham Dot by Thibaut | Carpet – Summit Source Pewter Gray by Cori Brown & Assoc. | Lighting & Furnishings available through Alice Lane Home
GIRLS BATHROOM: Wall Color – Benjamin Moore Gray Mist | Flooring – Carrara White Triangular Mosaic by Daltile | Countertop – Carrara Marble | Hardware – Hawthorne Handle by Anthropologie | Lighting & Furnishings available through Alice Lane Home
BOYS ROOM: Wall Color – Benjamin Moore Gray Mist | Carpet – Summit Source Pewter Gray by Cori Brown & Assoc. | Lighting & Furnishings available through Alice Lane Home
BOYS BATHROOM: Wall Color – Benjamin Moore Gray Mist | Countertop – Carrara Marble | Lighting & Furnishings available through Alice Lane Home
KIDS LOFT: Wall Color – Benjamin Moore Gray Mist | Cabinets Color – Benjamin Moore Sea Pearl | Carpet – Summit Source Pewter Gray by Cori Brown & Assoc. | Lighting & Furnishings available through Alice Lane Home

photos by weston colton

Show N’ Tell – French Moderne Manor: Part VI

It’s baaaaack! We’re thrilled to finally pick up where we left off with the tour of our French Moderne Manor project. As you may know, it was recently featured in Utah Style & Design magazine where it even made the cover! Because we wanted that feature to really be something special, we held off on showing more pictures of the home here on the blog. Just imagine how much restraint we had to have! But the chains are finally loosed and we’re ready to show off more of this beauty.

To welcome you all back, we thought we ‘d start with the entry. I believe this is what they call a “Grand Entrance.” We designed this eye-catching floor pattern in CAD and used 3 variations of stone tile to achieve this look. Sooo worth the head-banging calculations it took to get this right!



Immediately upon entering the home you walk into the living room where these massive windows frame the most beautiful views out back. A traditional limestone fireplace stands as a major focal point, and a large mirror reflects the shimmering chandelier that hovers overhead. While our clients wanted the majority of their home to feel comfortable and casual, this was one space we really stepped things up a notch. Every detail and accessory in this room exudes luxury.








The den is a bit of a surprise with it’s dark and moody design. It’s masculine, bold, stylish, but most of all… jaw-dropping. Our client’s one request for this room was the fish tank. We decided to build it into the bookshelves were it acts as a live piece of art for the space. The flooring from the entry continues into the den and we love the high-contrast between the floors and the smokey walls.





Senior Designer: Christy Klomp
Designers: Kendra Stephenson & Kristina Kellett

ENTRY: Wall Color – Benjamin Moore Glacier | Door Color – Custom Mix | Door Hardware – Mack Entry Set by Rocky Mountain Hardware | Flooring – First Snow Elegance Marble, Zebrano Marble, & Absolute Black Granite by Daltile | Lighting & Furnishings available through Alice Lane Home
LIVING ROOM: Wall Color – Benjamin Moore Gray Mist | Flooring – Summit Source Grey Limestone by Cori Brown Assoc. | Fireplace – Cast Limestone | Lighting & Furnishings available through Alice Lane Home
Office: Wall Color – Custom Mix | Flooring – First Snow  Elegance Marble, Zebrano Marble, & Absolute Black Granite by Daltile | Lighting & Furnishings available through Alice Lane Home

photos by weston colton

Caring for your bed sheets

We’ve spoken on the subject of caring for your bed sheets before, but it’s been awhile and with The White Sale going on we thought we’d do a quick refresher! First off, if you want your sheets to last longer and maintain their comfort, it’s important you buy good quality sheets to begin with. Don’t be fooled by fancy sheet jargon such as “Egyptian Cotton” and “Thread Count” and assume you’re getting a high quality product. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. However, you also shouldn’t be led to believe that you have to pay an arm and a leg for true comfort. We’ve done our fair share of research and testing and while we won’t bore you with the details of that today, we encourage you to check out our post on “Our Favorite Bed Sheets” here.

Once you’ve found the perfect sheet set, it’s important you properly care for them to not only maintain their comfort, but to make sure you really get your money’s worth out of them! Of course, the manufacturer’s care instructions are a good place to start, but we’ve found that these few tips almost always fall in line: Alice Lane Home_How To Care For Your Bed Sheets

1. Wash your sheets separately – Never wash your sheets with other laundry, especially with things that contain polyester or have abrasive materials like zippers that can damage the fabric.

2. Don’t overload your washing machine – This will cause the fibers to break down from excessive agitation. Your sheets should be able to easily move about in your washer.

3. Wash in warm water – Avoid washing your sheets in hot water as this will only cause your sheets to shrink (especially if you have linen sheets). Choose a cycle that uses warm water to wash and a cold water rinse.

4. Only use mild detergents – It’s best to use a mild liquid detergent (like Woollite or The Laundress), and unless your sheets are very soiled, use only half the recommended amount of detergent.

5. Avoid bleaches and other whiteners – Bleaches and other whiteners will only break down the fibers in your sheets and, believe it or not, cause them to turn yellow.

6. Air dry or tumble dry on low heat – If you have the patience for it, line drying your sheets is best. Otherwise, tumble dry on a low heat setting until slightly damp.

7. Do not over-dry – Remove your sheets promptly from dryer while slightly damp to minimize wrinkles and avoid shrinkage.

8. Smooth or iron out wrinkles – Most cotton or linen sheets can be pressed with an iron at a high temperature setting if desired. Otherwise, lay slightly damp sheets on your bed and smooth out any wrinkles.

Currently all of our sheets are 20% off during The White Sale, and we have a special promotion on our Tencel sheets for 40% off. If you have questions on what sheets are best for you, any one of our stylists can point you in the right direction. You can even do a little testing for yourself while you’re here! Hurry in because the sale ends this weekend!

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