Wonderland Pick: Porthole Mirrors

This series of porthole mirrors is the perfect solution to any tricky wall space. Without breaking the bank for an oversized piece of art, these can be custom hung to fill your space exactly how you want. Their hammered brass sides add the perfect touch of modern sparkle to any room – it’s like jewelry for your walls – the finishing accessory to your living room outfit!

Covington Wall Mirror Set

Covington Wall Mirror Set 2

Covington Wall Mirror Set – $245

Your home is so good to you. Treat it to some wall jewelry this holiday season, available now at our Wonderland location in Orem, UT.

– Holly A.

Wonderland Pick: Hair on Hide Pillows

Is it possible to be cozy and sophisticated at the same time? It sure is if you’re a hair on hide pillow. They are perfect for adding a sense of warmth for the season while keeping your home chic and stylish.



So many colors and patterns to choose from and all at our friendly Wonderland prices of $90-$158. Come stop by our store, located in Orem, Utah today.

– Susan


Rules of Scale: Drapery

We’ve been talking a lot about proper scale lately, and while drapery may seem like one of those overly-talked about subjects, we will keep pounding this in your head until the entire world gets it right! It’s a simple rule, but surprisingly draperies are one of the easiest things to get wrong. You can blame the shelf-stocked curtains found at most retailers for that. But before we go pointing any more fingers, let’s start by going back to the basics…shall we?



AL BB Meikel22

Here’s what you need to consider when buying and hanging drapery for your windows:

1. Rod Placement – Choke that sucker up as high as you can! Whether you have 8 or 11 foot ceilings, your rod should be placed just below your ceiling or crown molding. This draws the eye up, giving the illusion that your ceiling is taller than it actually is. A common mistake is to hang your rod just above your window casing…don’t do this! Your window will appear squatty and short…and no one likes looking that way.

2. Hanging Drapes – Your rod should also extend a good foot or two beyond the width of your window when allowed. This allows you to hang your drapery over your wall instead of over your window. By hanging the bulk of your fabric over the walls, it not only allows more sunlight to stream through your windows when opened, but once again makes your windows appear larger.

3. Panel Length – This is where we blame store-bought curtains for making it so easy to go so wrong! Most drapery panels are sold in a standard 84″ length, and you’ll find that there simply isn’t enough fabric to take you all the way to the ground. As a result, you end up either lowering your rod or letting your drapery hang like a terrible pair of flood pants. Don’t do it! It may take a little customizing, but buy a longer length panel (96″ or 108″ are usually available) and properly hem them to barely kiss the ground. A tailored drape makes all the difference!

4. Fullness – Even if you got 1,2, and 3 right…it would all be for naught if you didn’t have the right fullness. Your drapes should look functional, like they would actually cover the window when closed. A good rule of thumb is that each panel should be at least 1 to 1 1/2 times the width of the window. This will make your drapery look more generous and full whether opened or closed.

Alice Lane Home_Rules of Scale_Drapery

Wonderland Pick: Compartes Chocolate

OK, this week’s Wonderland pick is a little unusual (you know…for a home furnishings boutique), but we just have to share how much we love these specialty chocolate bars! I mean…chocolate is already pretty good, but chocolate with Lucky Charms inside! Definitely something worth talking about. Especially now that Autumn makes everything a bit chilly, it just feels right to cuddle up in a warm blanket and indulge in some Compartes chocolate from Wonderland!

Compartes Chocolate_Cereal Bowl

Here’s the scoop…Compartes are organic chocolates and are made in small batches every day by the best chocolatiers in Los Angeles. This fashion forward chocolate is famous for integrating art and fashion into their beautiful packaging (Hello Kelly Wearstler!). They are just as delicious as they are stylish, and make for the best mid-week pick-me-ups.

Compartes Chocolate_Kelly Wearstler

Flavors range from Birthday Cake & Sprinkles to, my personal favorite, Coney Island with caramelized waffle cone pieces. Yum! They’re available now at our Wonderland location and range from $9.99 to $12,99 each. Grab a few bars for easy and beautiful gift ideas, and maybe even some for your own little stash…don’t worry, we don’t tell.

-Lauren B.

Rules of Scale: Table Lamps

Finding the right scale of table lamp is almost as difficult as finding the right size bra (ladies…you know what we’re talking about). What looks like the perfect size in store can suddenly seem way too small when you get it home! Just like any good clothing purchase usually begins with a proper fitting, so should your table lamp purchase!

Alice Lane Home_Rules of Scale_Table Lamp 1

Alice Lane Home_Rules of Scale_Table Lamp 2

Here are some quick “Rules of Scale” for you to keep in mind on your next quest for the perfect table lamp:

1. Lamp Height – A good rule of thumb is to find a table lamp that is approximately 30″ tall from the bottom of the base to the top of the shade/finial. Without getting too mathematical, the top of the lamp should be between 58″ and 64″ from the ground. And with most end tables and bed side tables being around 28″ tall, that leaves you with at least a good 30″ to work with. Measure the height of your table and plan accordingly.

2. Eye Level – If you got the math right in #1, then your lamp shade will sit at about eye-level. This not only protects your eye from the blaring light of the bulb, but it also allows the light to perfectly illuminate everything below (like that book you stayed up all night reading). Test out sitting on your bed or sofa and measure where eye-level is for you. That will help you determine if you need a tall base and short shade, or visa versa.

3. Lamp Width – While we usually take the stance that bigger is better, it’s also important to know your limits. Measure the width of your table and find a lamp that is no more than half that. You don’t want a lamp that is too narrow, but you also don’t want the lamp shade to be hanging over the edge!

4. Light – When it really comes down to it, your lamp needs to be functional. Make sure that it’s large enough to radiate light where it’s needed. Will you be using it to perform nightly tasks, or are you simply looking for extra ambient lighting? Defining it’s purpose will help you pin down the perfect one!

Alice Lane Home_Rules of Scale_Table Lamps

Available for purchase at Wonderland by Alice Lane: 

Pineapple Refraction Table Lamp – $157

Christmas on Alice Lane starts tonight!

Tonight’s the night! It’s time for our annual Christmas on Alice Lane event and our hearts are so full of Christmas cheer, they just might burst! Shop tonight at Wonderland by Alice Lane in Orem from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. and enjoy 20% off your entire purchase. Same time and same deal tomorrow night (Thursday) at Alice Lane Home Collection in Salt Lake City.

Christmas Invite_Insta and Blog-02

Take a sneak peek at some of our holiday ornaments, accessories, and decor that’s ready for the taking!




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