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Dressing the Bed

Designer Confession: I have made MANY beds in my life, but very few rarely is the bed that I make my own. Scandalous, right? So with the New Year, and goal setting happening all around me, I’ve made up my mind – this year my resolution is to get my bed dressed!

Think ahead and buy bedding that fits your overall design intent.

Of course, a big part of dressing my bed is going to include finally figuring out my bedding aesthetic. When it comes to my own bedding, I’ve long been a perpetrator of buying what I like in the moment, without thinking through my overall design intent. My own style schizophrenia has resulted in years of miss matched sheets, duvets, coverlets and pillows! Actually, the sheets always match each other. I’m not savage.

This darling illustration from One Kings Lane got me thinking: what does my bed say about me? So far, nothing good….

What do your pillows say about you?

(Hint – if all this pillow talk is making you uncomfortable, you my friend, may be a Minimalist)

Before I pull the trigger on a total bedding revamp, I’m having the age old internal debate: white vs. color. While I love the crisp simplicity of an all-white “hotel” look, I’m really digging the idea of layering a few colors and textures. The two images below are both making an excellent case for themselves.

All white bedding creates that crisp hotel look.

Yeah, I could get used to waking up here…

Mixing in color and texture bring warmth to a bed and make it feel inviting.

Luckily, The White Sale is happening right now! Our stores have literal piles of lovely linen sheets, special pillows and uber soft blankets on sale – it’s truly the stuff good dreams are made of!

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  • The White Sale Extended!

    the white sale extended | alice lane home collection

    Cambri’s Picks

    This ottoman brings interest to a room.

    Ottomans are great. There’s nothing like getting home after a long day and kicking your feet up on a soft ottoman while you finish that novel.

    This vintage rug ottoman is one-of-a-kind that will make a special addition to your home.

    One of my favorite arrivals at Alice Lane is this vintage rug ottoman. One-of-a-kind pieces like these are special additions to a home. The colors and craftsmanship are beautiful. This ottoman brings the perfect amount of interest and function to a sitting room. It has enough color to get your attention but doesn’t distract from the rest of the space. It blends well with a number of color schemes. Not only is this piece beautiful, but the vintage rug upholstery makes it strong and durable. This ottoman will be able to keep your eyes and your tired feet happy longer than the original ottomans were around. (Which was 624 years…I checked.)

    cambri | alice lane home collection

    Shop The White Sale

    Shop The White Sale for beautiful bed linens.

    Picking the Perfect PIllows

    With the magic of Christmas just a sweet memory until next year, your home can seem a little lack luster leaving you with the felling that a complete home-makeover is necessary. Luckily there is a way to chase away the winter blues with a simple solution that will raise your spirits and add freshness to your space – pillows! Changing or adding pillows to your sofas, chairs, or bed is an easy, effective, and stylish way to transform your space with each season.

    A bold pattern or vibrant color pillow will make the space feel new!

    Using a bold color or vibrant pattern on a sofa or chair will add oomph, helping your space feel new and alive! If a lot of color seems too loud for you, try grounding the setting with some soft neutrals, this adds depth, allows your eye a place to rest, and helps the color you do use pop!

    A little sparkle will refresh your space.

    Sparkle is not just for the holiday season! Liven up your space with metallic or sequined pillows that will leave your bed or sofa feeling chic. Try adding fur into the mix with a throw or pillow. This trend is not only cozy for the winter, but makes your space feel layered, eclectic, and chic – and who doesn’t want that?!

    When adding pillows, use and odd number.

    If using neutral pillows make sure that they have texture to give them depth.

    Just like accessorizing, odd numbers are pleasing to the eye, so try using just 3 throw pillows on your sofa or bed. Most importantly, make your space inviting by mixing the textures, patterns, and sizes of your pillows. Whether you use all neutrals or pops of color, different textures and fabrics add dimension and interest leaving your space feeling attractive and complete.

    Switching out pillows can refresh your room.

    Now for the best part… all of our bedding, pillows, and throws are 20% off through the 24th of this month! So stop by Alice Lane for some ideas to spruce up your home for the new year!

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    [photos from Houzz, Rue, Pinterest]

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