Kiana’s Pick – Temple Jars

Temple Jars are a staple accessory at Alice Lane! We love using them in so many different settings. I especially love them for the spring and summer months to display live blooms or branches.

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Use multiple sizes and styles to make it even more interesting. They look great in a grouping as a centerpiece on your dining table. Or, style a collection of a few jars together on a mantle, console table, or dresser.

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A single large jar with full branches looks great on an entry table. You can’t go wrong with these bad boys! It’s not wonder they’re a favorite!

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We just got a large shipment of temple jars in, so come stop by and pick out your very own temple jar to style in your home.

Side Table Stardom

And the Best Supporting Side Table Goes To….!

When we begin designing a room, we typically start by casting major pieces first, or what we like to call the star of the space. In a living room, this is likely to be an amazing rug, the main statement-making sofa, a super stylish cocktail table, or a unique chair. Then we fill in the space with supporting actors, like side tables, lamps, decorative pillows and accents. Just as in the big blockbuster movies we love to rush out and see opening weekend, the best spaces employ a mix of shining stars and strong supporting pieces.


When selecting your Best Supporting Side Table – here are some directors’ cues:

1. Make sure the scale of the table is appropriate to the room and to the adjoining upholstery pieces. Larger spaces can handle tables that are both wide and deep, but a smaller room might need something that feels more open – try a leggy table with a low shelf or a Lucite side table to take up minimal visual weight.


2. Try using side tables that will provide juxtaposition to your cocktail table – for example, if your cocktail table is leggy and glass, use a wood side table with some closed storage. If your space is small and you want both pieces to feel light, try mixing up the shape with a round side table or one with angular legs.


3. A pair of side tables flanking a sofa creates a great formal look, but if your space calls for a second style of table, make sure your choices complement one another without matching exactly. A mix of styles creates depth and will elevate your design performance to Oscar worthy, while a matching set tends to look like student work.


So when you’re looking for your Mammy to go with your Scarlett O’Hara (link: Movies Where Both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress Won Oscars) don’t just throw any old side table into the mix. Make sure you get that Best Supporting Side Table trophy! Plus it’s always nice when you can achieve stardom at a discount. Through the rest this week get 20% off any side table during The Very Best Sale. All upholstery and casegoods included. Now go break a leg!

kathryn | alice lane home collection

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Our Secret Revealed…Wonderland by Alice Lane!

Wonderland by Alice Lane Grand Opening. Alice Lane Home Collection is excited to announce our new concept store, Wonderland by Alice Lane. A collection of stylish and affordable home furnishings, accessories, and gifts. All new product and vendors called for a rebrand of our Orem store. Come see, taste, and shop at our Grand Opening on Thursday, May 21, 2015 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. 1350 South State Street, Orem, UT. Enjoy 10% off that night!


Andrea’s Pick – Jet Set Curio


From the first time I laid eyes on the Jet Set Curio, I knew I’d never be the same. This piece strikes the perfect balance of modern and glamour. I can definitely see myself in it…literally!


Between the clean lines of the silhouette and paneled doors, combined with the mirrors and hammered gold hardware, I say this cabinet can do no wrong. The Jet Set Curio Cabinet is sophisticated, yet versatile enough to work in many spaces.


Whether you find it a home in your dining room or bedroom, it will make a striking statement! She’s 20% off right now during The Very Best Sale, which has been extended through May 16. Come in today and see for yourself just how good you’ll look in it!

Book Shelf Styling

Styling a bookcase can be a tricky thing if you don’t have enough books to fill all of the spaces on the shelf. They can easily become very busy and cluttered if they’re not well planned out. I’d love to share a few of my favorite tips and tricks to help you find success when styling your shelves.


I love neutrals, so naturally my heart loves a white clean book shelf to start with. Using multiple pieces and books that are white, gray, or black are a sure fire way to keep your shelves looking clean, and not overly cluttered (even if you do have a lot on them). I always like to layer in some warmer pieces as well with either wood sculptures, woven baskets, or greenery to make sure it doesn’t pull on the side of too cold or stark. Using lighter looking pieces like glass bottles on the top shelves helps you steer clear from making the shelf appear top heavy.


Layering art inside your book shelf is an excellent trick that I feel is sometimes over looked. It’s an opportunity to be reminded of some of your favorite memories with family or friends and can serve as conversation starters when entertaining. Art gives your shelving a custom look that is specific to only you. So even if your neighbor has the same bookcase, layering in your own art can make it look like a completely different piece.


Art is not only good on the inside of your shelving, but if you have built-ins, take the opportunity to layer art over your shelf too. It will make the space feel more collected and also cover up some space that you may have trouble filling otherwise. My biggest tip that I feel is most important when styling your shelves (especially if they’re large) is to use the largest pieces that you can.  They can stand on their own, acting as beautiful sculptures, and will keep you from over styling your shelves.


Keep it clean, keep it collected, and use art and sculptural pieces to make your shelving your very own. Our Very Best Sale has been extended (20% off!) so come to one of our two locations in Orem or Salt lake to find a shelf that will be the perfect fit for your home!

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Rachel’s Pick – Gifts For Mom

Everyone has a woman in their life that deserves a big thank you. With Mother’s Day almost here, I’ve chosen a few of my favorite gifts from Alice Lane that will show the women in your lives just how much you appreciate all they do for you. You really can’t go wrong with any of these beautiful accessories!

IMG_6450 (3)

Jewelry is always a great option, for both mothers living close to home or far away. Who doesn’t love a gorgeous and stylish piece of jewelry – especially one that will keep her thinking of you every time she wears it? Give the mother in your life something as beautiful as she is!

IMG_6464 (2)

Maybe you have one of those moms who’s cooking you just couldn’t go without! Show her how much you appreciate all those home cooked meals by giving her a new cookbook to add to her collection. Of course, she’ll need a new cake platter to put all those delicious new treats she bakes on too! Maybe you can even convince her to share.

IMG_6473 (2)Some moms just need a way to help them relax. A new scent for her home is exactly the thing that when she kicks up her heels at the end of a long day and takes a deep breath will make her say “Awwwhhh.”

Of course, we have a gift for you too! For the entire week you’ll get 20% off all accessories from Alice Lane during our Gift Sale. Don’t forget that treating yourself to a little Mother’s Day love is also allowed!



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