Collections in an Office

I can’t imagine a better place to display collections then your home office. A collection reflects your passions, interests and hobbies and whether you’re an Olympic swimmer or an avid rock collector, I want you to use your office to show off who YOU are!

collections in an office | alice lane home colleciton

One client of ours continues to gather and collect small items and books from their world travels and proudly displays them on the center table in their study. It’s handsome and interesting and forever evolving!

collections in an office | alice lane home colleciton

 Another keeps foreign currency and inspiring notions on her desk to remind her of the places she’s been.

collections in an office | alice lane home colleciton

Even if it’s the color pink that you collect-plaster the walls and layer the place in blush and bashful to reflect your loves!

Show off your art, trophys, rocks and pink proudly!

Happy collecting!

suzanne | alice lane home collection

[photos from Alice Lane Home Collection and House Beautiful]

5 Favorite Office Pins

A well-designed home office is essential. Whether you are going for an ultra feminine office, a strong masculine look, or something in between, pick a style and be inspired! These are our current favorite office inspiration images from Pinterest.

5 favorite office pins | alice lane home collection

5 favorite office pins | alice lane home collection

5 favorite office pins | alice lane home collection

5 favorite office pins | alice lane home collection

5 favorite office pins | alice lane home collection


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[photos from Decorpad, La Dolce Vita, Mark Sikes, and Architectural Digest]

Rachel’s Picks

IMG_0022 copy

I love this drafting table for it’s versatility. The top can be adjusted to lie flat like a traditional desk, or it can sit at an angle. Since its a taller desk, a barstool makes a perfect perch or when working on a more hands-on task, this is the perfect stand-up desk. It’s the perfect spot to sketch, paint, and draft of course!

rachel | alice lane home collection

Styling a Bookcase

The most striking offices always feature a well-styled bookcase, wouldn’t you agree? It’s the best way to make a grand statement and create that inspiring and intellectual atmosphere that an office craves. So why is it that bookcases often become either a catch-all for little trinkets or just an empty eye-sore? Try these tips to give that bookcase a face-lift and take it from drab to fab.styling a bookcase | alice lane home collection

LAYER ART If you are having a tough time filling those bookshelves, try layering in art to fill the negative space and add depth. You can also mount artwork to the front of a bookcase for unexpected dimension and interest.

styling a bookcase | alice lane home collection

GROUP YOUR BOOKS If you are an avid reader and need all of that space for books, you can make a strong impact just by grouping them by size or color. Line your books up vertically, create horizontal stacks, or mix it up for a more relaxed look.

styling a bookcase | alice lane home collection

INCORPORATE ACCESSORIES An office is the perfect place to display your favorite treasures. Whether it’s the souvenir you picked up on your last big trip or a gift you received from someone special, integrate items that are meaningful to you. Adding in accessories with unifying features (color, shape, etc.) is a great rule-of-thumb to follow to introduce variety without it feeling too cluttered.

kendra | alice lane home collection

Holly A.’s Picks

Now that a third of the population is trickling its way back to school, let’s talk student success.  A successful student starts with a beautifully styled desk, and I’m mostly sure about that.  If you’re not a student yourself, chances are, you know one; but didn’t someone once say that we’re all students of life?  I bet that happened.

holly a.'s picks | alice lane home collection

A well functioning desk consists of a few key ingredients:  Lighting, a tray to corral the knick knacks, a scented candle for easing the research paper nerves, a coaster for caffeine, a notepad to scrawl the fleeting thought, a rad jar for pencils and such, and something organic to soften the seriousness.

holly a.'s picks | alice lane home collection

If you’re in the mood to create student success, stop by either of our store locations.  We’ve got the prettiest ingredients for a perfectly styled desk.  Your research paper will thank you.

holly a. | alice lane home collection

Styling a Desk

How much more productive could I be if were to love my office space as much as I love my bedroom?? As with any space, presentation is key. I want my desk to welcome me home and beg me to spend time there.

styling a desk | alice lane home collection

COMFORT Let’s face it, you might be spending a lot of time in the office. Why not make it a space where you can get cozy, prop up your feet, and really get down to business? Use a rug to anchor the desk, and a footstool to make your space extra welcoming.

styling a desk | alice lane home collection

INSPIRATION At Alice Lane, we believe that being surrounded by loveliness helps us exude loveliness. Inspiration is all around us, so try harnessing some of that into the space where you’ll be when you’re in need of it! A charming light fixture, or lovely object is always helpful in keeping the juices flowing.

We also believe in the old fashioned pinboards. We change them out any time we find something innovative or lovely. This is a good way to keep our minds wide open.

styling a desk | alice lane home collection

Untitled2 copy

CLEVER STORAGE Last, but certainly not least, is storage! Keeping a happy desk means that there is a home for each item. Keep a tray or lovely cup to store pencils, stapler, etc. Drawers will help harness the papers and other things that don’t need to be on display.

Remember that any space in your home should make you feel welcome. Make it your own. Enjoy being creative in your space!

stacie | alice lane home collection

[photos from Style Me Pretty, The Every Girl, Alice Lane Home Collection]


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