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Coffee Table Considerations

A wise design professor once told me, “Every sofa longs for a coffee table!” So, when deliberating over this important piece, here are a few things to consider to make sure your table works for you.

What is your room missing?

A coffee table can be an excellent piece to help fill any voids in your room. Not just with space, but with style as well. If you have sensible sofas and chairs, try bringing in a little glam through your coffee table! Check out this star: The Melrose Table! The combination of acrylic, stainless steel, and glass is edgy, lovely, and trans-formative. They work together to give the space a heartbeat!


How much space do you have?

Aim for about 20” between the edge of your sofa and the table. A very large room might even benefit from two (yes, two!) coffee tables in one area. Also consider the flow of your room so your coffee table doesn’t interfere with any of the main passageways.


How is the room used?

Consider how the coffee table will be treated. Will it serve as extra storage? As an ottoman? Do you have kids that will easily bump into the edges? Or will it be used in a more formal setting? Stepping away from the traditional glass or fine-finished wood coffee tables is an excellent way to add functionality. This Gent, for example, is handsome to look at and also practical, should you need a place for your toes to perch.


How will I dress my coffee table?

Knowing what you plan to put on your coffee table makes all the difference for selecting the right one. I love to keep a tray on the table where any useful items or décor can live. Remotes can be tucked away in a glamorous box. Keep a few interesting books for your guests to flip through. Work in something organic! (A floral, greenery, etc.).


Most of all, your coffee table should provide functionality and suit your own personal style and aesthetic. If you’re unsure what that is, come stop by Alice Lane for some inspiration. Right now during our Very Best Sale you can get 20% off all coffee tables.

stacie | alice lane home collection

3 Tips For Buying Quality Upholstery

Buying new furniture is an exciting thing for a lot of us! However, there are so many beautiful options out there that along with all the excitement it can become overwhelming. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start shopping so that you can filter through your options more quickly and shop with confidence.


Construction:   Most likely you won’t have the luxury of seeing the raw frame of the sofa or chair you’re interested in, so ask about it’s construction. Upholstered furniture that is built with kiln dried hardwood, doweled, screwed and glued frames will increase the longevity of the piece, keeping it from getting creaky over time and reduce any potential failure. Quality construction will ensure your piece will last for years to come.

Comfort: Many people don’t realize that a lot of manufactures offer different cushion options (down, poly, or a blend fill). When choosing a cushion think about what makes you most comfortable while using the sofa or chair. For example: Is the sofa going to be used for lounging while watching a movie? If so, consider choosing a down fill. Remember that different cushions require different maintenance too. A down fill, for example, will need to be fluffed each time you’re done using it. I prefer a blend seat myself, but choose what makes you most comfortable.

Fabric: Here’s where it can get really complicated! Every manufacturer has dozens of fabric options and it can get crazy. My advice is to go into the store with a design plan in mind. Know what you want and don’t let the prolific options distract you: keep your eye on the prize! It really comes down to color, content, and texture. Once you know your color scheme, find a fabric that is made of the right materials for your needs. Fabrics with a high content of synthetic fibers will be inherently more stain resistant and durable. If you have little kids this trait won’t go unappreciated…trust me. Lastly, look for a fabric with some texture to it. It really doesn’t have anything to do with quality per se, but textured fabric helps to hid wrinkles and makes the everyday wear less visible.


My last tip…don’t compromise! You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style, or visa versa. With these 3 tips in hand, you have everything you need to find the perfect upholstered piece for your home. And of course, there’s no better time to shop than right now when you can get 20% off all upholstery during our Very Best Sale. Happy furniture hunting!

shelby | alice lane home collection

Josh’s Pick – The Civil Chair

I love furniture pieces that are unique and interesting, but that feel grounded in classic design. A piece that looks like it’s been around for a while and still manages to be fresh and new.


The Civil chair, designed by Peter Jacob for Wesley Hall, does just that. It is a classic club chair silhouette, but instead of the traditional button tufting, this guy’s got channels stitched into the leather. The channels somehow feel more modern while at the same time giving the chair a bit of a throwback vibe. And check out the woodwork detail on the leg – perfection.


The Civil chair would be great in a library, a study or even the reading nook in your master bedroom. Bonus…during our Very Best Sale, you can get 20% off this and all of our upholstery and casegoods.


Civil Chair – $4659.25

French Moderne Manor – Finish Work

The finish work is almost complete at the parade home and all I can say is…WOW! It’s incredibly exhilarating to see our sketches and design plans start to take shape. Bravo to our finish workers who are making it a reality! French architecture is most recognized for it’s elaborate and ornate moldings in the finish work, so of course this house is full of it…but with a modern twist of course. It is, how you say, ‘je ne sais quoi.’

Here’s a look at the built-ins from the office that were just installed. See that glass in the middle…that’s a fish tank! It’s definitely going to be the coolest fish tank I’ve ever seen. And to say that tiled floor is a show stopper is an understatement!

Littledike Finish Work 1
Littledike Tile
The newel posts for the railings are incredible – and massive! Once installed, they’ll be finished off with a black lacquer coat. You’ll also notice a repeating theme throughout the finish work…can you spot it? The circles on the balustrade can be seen again in the large columns in the living area. It’s all in the details.

Littledike Finish Work 3
Littledike Finish Work 2

Littledike Finish Work 4
We’re getting a little anxious for this project to finish up. We can’t wait to get in there and get it ready for the Utah Valley Parade of Home this summer. Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks on our French Moderne Manor.

kristina | alice lane home collection

Thom Filicia at Alice Lane

Thom Filicia is the whole package when it comes to being an interior designer. Those familiar with him from Queer Eye For the Straight Guy or who met him at our event 2 weeks ago know that he has one of the most contagious personalities – he instantly makes those he meets feel like the most important person in the room. We saw firsthand at our event just how easygoing and forthright he is, which is the same vibe we got when reading his latest book, American Beauty. We should also mention that we’re BIG FANS of his work. In fact, our showroom always includes pieces from the Thom Filicia Home Collection. During his recent visit we styled a complete Thom Filicia vignette in his honor; the sofa, art, chairs, rug and table were personally curated by Thom. No wonder we love it! Stop by the store at Trolley Square to see it all.


Thom is known for having an effortless cool and cozy look. It’s masculine, yet refined and delicate all at the same time. We used his book for inspiration and incorporated some of Thom’s staple design tricks into our own styling of his vignette. Here are just a few of the beautiful designs by Thom Filicia that you’ll find in his book.




His looks are stunning and his countless accolades in the world of design are well deserved. Thom continues to create spectacular design that, of course, you can always find at Alice Lane. And don’t forget, now through April 27th all upholstery and casegoods (including those from the Thom Filicia collection) are 20% off. So stop by today!

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