The Perfect Fall Porch

Happy October friends! We love all the festivities that fall has to offer. One of our favorite ways to embrace the season is to spruce up the front porch! We’re all about finding ways to decorate for the holidays without pulling out bins and bins of decor that haven’t seen the sun in months. We’ve found that making these few simple changes to your front porch will make your home look festive, warm, and inviting.




1. Add A Wreath – A fall wreath can instantly change the mood of your front porch. Some of our favorite decorative wreaths are made from natural fall materials like feathers and leaves.

2. Seasonal Planters – We love to flank planters at each side of the front door and fill them plants that will last through the cold months. By simply changing out your bright spring blossoms to the rich earthy colors of fall, your home will suddenly feel up with the times.

3. Add A Rug – Ditch the old straw door mat and try adding a rug instead. You’ll find that it makes your porch feel incredibly stylish. You can even try layering rugs together. We love this crochet rug layered with the black and white stripe! So festive.

4. Display The Seasons Harvest – Of course, no fall porch is complete without pumpkins! Try stacking pumpkins in an old crate or scatter them around your planters. They add the perfect punch of color and texture that simply screams fall!Alice Lane Home_The Perfect Fall Porch 2

Items available for purchase at Alice Lane Home & Wonderland by Alice Lane:
1. Round Feather Wreath – $52 | 2. Square Chelsea Cylinder – $172 | 3. Sanibel Rug – $344

Wonderland Pick: Kensington Wing Chair

Recently, a customer at our Wonderland by Alice Lane store in Orem, UT remarked how pleased she was to finally discover a store with beautiful furnishings that were so affordable. She even exclaimed, “Oh, I need to tell all my friends about this!” We, of course, love hearing comments like this because that’s exactly what we hope to provide! When we re-branded our Orem store earlier this year our goal was to curate a whole new collection of affordable home furnishings that were more inclusive of everyone. That goal stands strong today as we continue to add beautiful pieces to our collection.

The Kensington Marlow Wing Chair is no exception. With it’s vintage modern lines and cool gray upholstery, this chair is a fresh take on the traditional wing back. It transitions well from style to style and is perfect for just about any space! Here we’ve styled it flanked next to the fireplace and softened up with a brown fur pillow. Doesn’t it look so cozy for fall!


IMG_2649{Kensington Marlow Wing Chair – $650}

Come visit Wonderland by Alice Lane today for more affordable home furnishings and home decor. We know you’ll find something to love!

How To Decorate With Animal Prints

We like to think we have a bit of a wild side, and every now and again you’ll see us sneak a zebra or leopard print into one of our designs. Maybe you’ve been too timid to make the daring statement yourself, or maybe you’re still scarred from the bad rep animal prints got in the 80’s. Either way, we’re here to show you how beautiful, luxurious, and fun animal prints can be in your home when done right!

19 Brady

wong residence | alice lane home collection | feminine, strong, colors: pinks, browns


campbell residence | alice lane home collection | eclectic, warm, family-friendly

rachel parcell closet | alice lane home collection

The key when using animal prints is NOT overdoing it! Think of it as an outfit…maybe you incorporate a snake skin purse, or some spotted heels for a subtle touch. The second you start layering prints you’ve gone too far! Here are some great ways you can pull off animal prints in your decor:

1.  Use On Pillows & Throws – If you’re a little timid to try it out, ease into it by adding a pillow or throw in a neutral tone. Most likely you’ll find that it’s really all your space needed to get that edgy feel.

2. Tone On Tone – This is by far one of favorite ways to incorporate animal prints into a space. By choosing an animal print that is muted and watered down it really becomes more of a neutral! Especially if you have other prints and patterns in your space, a muted animal print won’t compete and overwhelm. You can easily mix in a tone on tone animal print with anything.

3. Take It To The Ground – A large scale animal print rug is a great way to give your room an organic feel. Try using a hair on hide rug to keep things looking natural and not too contrived. We recently added a muted leopard print carpet as a stair runner, which was a great way to make a statement in a place where it wouldn’t compete with other furnishings.

4. Scale Down Print On Upholstery – Using animal prints in your upholstery takes a little more commitment, but it works best when the print is scaled down. This makes the piece instantly recognizable, but keeps it from becoming overwhelming. We love incorporating prints as little surprises, like on the backs of chairs. Alice Lane Home_How To Decorate With Animal Prints

Items available for purchase at Alice Lane: 
Le Zebra Pillow – $338 | Lynx Cable Knit Throw – $218 | Hide Rug – $988 | Skylar Chair – $1,365

The Very Best Sale – Extended!

Good news friends! In fact…it’s the best news. We’re extending The Very Best Sale into October, simply because you’re the best and you deserve the best. Now through October 17th, save 20% on all upholstery and casegoods at our Salt Lake home furnishings boutique, Alice Lane Home Collection. So come see us and ask one our stylists to help you pick the best sofa, coffee table, bed, console table, bookshelf, chair and more for your home.

The Very Best Sale_Blog_Extended-01

Alice Lane Home Collection | Utah’s Best Interior Design and Home Furnishings Boutique | Salt Lake City, UT

Our Favorite Wing Back Chairs

We love a good wing back chair. There’s something about those sculptural backs that welcome you in and hug you when you sit. Whether nestled next to your fireplace or paired side by side, a good wing back chair can add character and dimension to any space.

COVER Crestpointe{Pictured: Kingston chair is tan leather}

bennett residence | alice lane home collection | soft modern, family-friendly{Pictured: James Street Wing Chair with leather back and woven fabric seat}

Today we’re sharing 5 of our current favorite wing back chairs that you’re sure to love:

1. James Street Wing Chair – We love the contrasting upholstery of this chair that gives it both a rustic and refined look. The contouring wing allows you to easy rest your elbows, also giving you one heck of a profile to look at when you walk in the room. Place a matching pair side by side and the symmetry is breathtaking!

2. Colin Chair – Our eyes are automatically drawn to the corded upholstery seams that trace the arms and seat. The chiseled curves in the arms add interest to it’s otherwise simplistic and upright frame. We love seeing this chair sitting behind a desk or at the head of a table.

3. Driscoll Leather Chair – We love the clean, modern look and low seat of this wing back. The rustic black leather keeps it timeless, while the subtle nail head accents add just a touch of lux. It’s the perfect apart-sized chair, but really fits well into any space!

4. James Leather Chair – Handsome and beautifully made, this wing back has historically accurate details with rolled arms and a high barreled back. It’s the perfect chair to snuggle up in with a good book, giving you privacy and support on all sides. And let’s talk about that leather tufting…gorgeous!

5. Kingston Chair – We love the definition of this chair. Your eye can’t help but follow those hammered brads up and down the curves of it’s frame. With it’s curved and reclined back, we deem this the perfect chair to lounge in after a good meal. 
Alice Lane Home_Our Favorite Wing Back Chairs

Of course, all of these chairs can be fully customized and come in a variety of upholstery options. Come shop our large selection of wing back chairs at our Salt Lake home furnishings boutique and save 20% on all upholstery and casegood items when you buy during The Very Best Sale. Hurry in, sale ends this Wednesday!

Our Favorite Bed Sheets

We make a lot of beds in our line of work, and while we’re guilty of paying more attention to the linens on the outside, we truly believe no bed is complete without the best set of sheets on the inside. We’ve tried and tested dozens of sheets of all kinds and it always comes down to one thing: comfort. Today we’re sharing with you what we’ve learned over the years and what makes these four Malouf sheet sets our absolute favorites!


WO16LS-239{pictured above: woven french linen sheets by Malouf}

1. Woven French Linen – If you haven’t ever slept of linen sheets you’re missing out. Big time! Not only do we love the classic and casual look of linen sheets, but they truly are like sleeping on air. The natural flax fibers easily wick away moisture and they’re incredibly breathable. Bonus: they get softer with every wash! They’re a bit of splurge when it comes to sheets, but they are every bit worth it.

2. Woven Tencel – Tencel (not to be mistaken with tinsel) is a relatively new fiber that’s all the rage right now. Unlike cotton or linen, tencel is a completely smooth natural fiber that, when woven, creates a luxurious silky soft finish. If you’re looking to stay on a budget, these are the sheets for you. Performance wise, these sheets actually wick away moisture better than cotton keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

3. 200 Thread Count Italian Cotton – Made with 100% Egyptian cotton parcale and made in the northern mountains of Italy, these sheets give you that soft draping look you find only at 5 star hotels. If you’re looking for sheets with the finest attention to detail, these are it! Can you believe that inside every package is a hand-signed certificate written by the artisan that crafted them? Needless to say, those Italians sure know how to make a good sheet.

4. 400 Thread Count Italian Cotton – A common misconception about sheets is that the higher the thread count, the softer they are. It’s simply just not true. The softest of sheets can only derive from one thing…high quality cotton. Just like the 200 thread count sheets listed above, these sheets are made from the best cotton you can buy while also increasing their durability and longevity. But we’d be lying if we said that drawn thread hemstitching wasn’t our favorite part! Gorgeous!

Alice Lane Home_Our Favorite Bed SheetsWoven French Linen King Set – $440 | Woven Tencel King Set – $137 | 200 TC Italian Cotton King Set – $286 | 400 TC Italian Cotton King Set – $550

All of these sheets are available for purchase and on display in our Salt Lake City home furnishings store and Orem home decor store. Come feel and check them out for yourself (we promise we won’t be mad if we find you slipping between the sheets!).

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