Our Favorite Coffee Tables

The coffee table. It tends to hold more accessories than cups of coffee, but what we would ever do without them! People shopping our showroom frequently ask about coffee tables and how to select the right one for their space. What it really comes down to is simple math and a lot of style. Let’s get the boring (but important) part out of the way shall we…the math. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least 19″ between your coffee table and other furnishings to provide ample walking space. That will help you determine exactly how large of a coffee table you can use. Next, the top of your coffee table should be about the same height as the cushion of your sofa. If you’re going for a more modern look, a lower coffee table can do just the trick, but you want to avoid having your coffee table higher than your seating.


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We thought we’d share some of our favorite (and best-selling) coffee tables that work great in different types of spaces…

1. Hampton Coffee Table – It’s your traditional coffee table shape and size, but has so much style that your space will feel modern and sophisticated. Pairs great with your standard sized sofa and provides plenty of surface space with out being too heavy.

2. Campaign Cocktail Table – Its perfectly petite frame makes it the perfect coffee table for tight spaces. What your living room lacks in square footage can easily be made up for with big style. And this table has it!

3. Hobson Cocktail Table – This large, square, double-tiered coffee table is our favorite! It provides plenty of surface space and helps fill-in the empty hole you tend to get in the middle of large living rooms. Perhaps our favorite feature though is the plethora of decor it holds! A stylists dream…

4. Morello Oval Cocktail Table – Some spaces need a little extra wiggle room between furnishings. An oval or round shaped coffee table is the perfect solution. It allows you to easy navigate between things without making you feel boxed in. The curved lines and sleek metal frame of this beauty make it the perfect centerpiece.

5. Trimbelle Cocktail Table – Need something with a little more versatility? This white onyx coffee table can act as an ottoman, is perfect for entertaining, and even adds a little sparkle to your space. It entirely functional and incredibly stylish. Win!

Alice Lane Home_Our Favorite Coffee Tablesb

Hopefully this helps inspire you in your quest for the perfect coffee table. Come shop our large selection of tables and see how we style them in our showroom for more ideas. And don’t forget, all furniture is currently 20% off during The Very Best Sale going on now!


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It’s FLASH SALE time, baby! Come shop at Alice Lane Home Collection & Wonderland by Alice Lane today and tomorrow and you’ll save 30% on all in-stock tables. Yep…that’s on all in-stock coffee tables, side tables, console tables, dining tables, and more! So hurry in and shop while these extra savings last! Don’t forget, all other furniture is currently 20% off during The Very Best Sale + 25% off all in-stock pillows. It’s a great day to shop Alice Lane!

The Power of a Statement Chair

Just like Bonnie Taylor taught us, everyone needs a hero. And when it comes to decorating, so does every room. When designing a space, it’s important to establish what you want that “hero” piece to be early on. Maybe it’s some abstract artwork or a colorful rug, but whatever it is, it should be eye-catching! Using an accent chair as your main statement piece is the perfect way to add functional style into your home; and don’t you just love walking into a room and instantly thinking, “Man, I want to sit in THAT chair!” A great chair can be a powerful jumping block into great design!


15 Brady

While finding a great chair is really of one of those “you’ll know it when you see it” scenarios, there are a few things we believe can make a chair truly great:

1. Silhouette – A chair that has a unique shape will always catch your eye. We love the curvey silhouette of this MGBW Lucy Swivel Chair seen below. It’s practically begging you to come give it spin (literally)!

2. Frame – A chair is only as good as it’s frame. An exposed or sculptural-like frame can be a major “wow” factor. The gold stick-like frame on this Major chair makes it appear almost suspended in thin air!

3. Novelty – It goes without saying that any chair that makes you take a double-look is making a statement. Sometimes it’s fun to dive completely off the deep end and go for something even a little bizarre. It’s not every day you come across a chair topped with an over-sized Tibetan fur cushion. But that’s what makes it so great! It’s completely unique.

4. Color/Pattern – Sometimes the only thing your chair needs is some really awesome upholstery. Take a traditional silhouette and frame and dress it in a colorful print and you’ve got yourself a statement piece! This blue watercolor upholstered chair is definitely begging for the spotlight.

Alice Lane Home_Statement Chairs

1. Lucy Swivel Chair – $2,301 | 2. Major Leather Chair – $2,488 | 3. Enzo Chair – $3,453 | 4. Jagger Metal Base Chair – $2,467

We’re currently loving these “statement chairs” that are in-stock now at our Salt Lake showroom. Bonus…all furniture is currently 20% off during The Very Best Sale that runs through the month of April! So come find your hero…he’s here waiting for you.



Our Favorite Spring Foliage

Perhaps the thing we love most about spring are the recklessly blooming trees outside! The way they renew life and evoke happiness is a trait we find rather endearing. In fact, so much so that we’re entirely guilty of sneakily clipping branches from nearby trees and taking them home with us to display! Fresh blooms and branches are the perfect way to breath new life into your home and freshen up your space for spring. And although fresh foliage will always be our favorite, we’ve managed to find some pretty awesome faux spring foliage that can fool just about everyone.


1. Fiddle Leaf Branches – We LOVE a good fiddle fig, and these beauties add all the modern greenery your heart can handle without the hassle of having to keep the them alive! No really, have you ever tried to keep a real fiddle fig alive? Not easy. At just $23 per branch, you’ll save yourself from a black thumb fiasco.


2. White Cherry Blossom Branches – By far our most popular branches that pair perfectly with just about any ginger jar. This is one spring time classic that we’ll never grow tired of. Pick up your own bundle at just $13 per branch. Also available in pink!

3. Orchid Branch – The loose and whimsical nature of the orchid adds that perfect layer of femininity to any room grouping. And although a full bundle of these branches is stunning, we love the pure simplicity and beauty of a single stem. Not bad for just $16.50 each.

Alice Lane Home_Our Favorite Spring Foliage

Fiddle Leaf Branch – $26 | White Cherry Blossom Branch – $13 | Orchid Stem – $16.50
available for purchase at Alice Lane Home Collection & Wonderland by Alice Lane

The Very Best Sale Starts Now!

The Very Best Sale is here and underway at Alice Lane Home! Come shop our semi-annual furniture sale and get 20% off all furniture! Plus, this year you’ll also save 25% on all in-stock pillows. So whether you’ve been keeping an eye out to invest in some key pieces for your home, or just looking for that perfect side table, now is the BEST time to buy. Come shop our Salt Lake showroom and Wonderland by Alice Lane showroom today!

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*Sale ends 4/30/2015. Offer available on in-stock and special order furniture & in-stock pillows.

Show N’ Tell – Taste Chocolatier

If you read the latest issue of Utah Style & Design magazine and found yourself getting a weird craving for chocolate around page 36, we don’t blame you! It was an absolute treat to see the chocolate shop we designed for Coleman & Davis Artisan Chocolate featured within the beautiful pages of the magazine. We thought we’d share more of that project here on the blog and give you the full tour of the most delicious little shop in downtown Provo, UT.

It was just over two years ago that we literally jumped at the opportunity to partner up Coleman & Davis to help them create their first new-concept store and chocolate parlor – TASTE. Although it was the idea of gourmet chocolate that had us initially intrigued, it was this beige box that really had us salivating from the mouth! Oh how we love a project that starts as a blank canvas!




2015-08-19 ALH Taste12528-Nicole-Gerulat_Edit

The once-was art gallery, although simple, had some incredible bones to work with. From the hand carved wood floors to the beams in the ceiling, this space had a lot going for it. Of course, it took a lot of creativity to pull it all together. Everything in the space was designed with one thing in mind…chocolate. Our clients wanted a space that made you feel like you’d been transported to a authentic chocolate shop off the streets of Paris. We pulled inspiration from the movie Chocolat, and even shopped antique stores to find some authentic pieces to incorporate into the design. Vintage chocolate molds and an antique mercantile scales were just a few of things that helped us pull the design together.

2015-08-19 ALH Taste12486-Nicole-Gerulat_Edit

2015-08-19 ALH Taste12493-Nicole-Gerulat_Edit

2015-08-19 ALH Taste12469-Nicole-Gerulat_Edit

2015-08-19 ALH Taste12459-Nicole-Gerulat_Edit

2015-08-19 ALH Taste12601-Nicole-Gerulat_Edit

That handsome fellow is Phil Davis, the chocolate enthusiast behind Coleman & Davis Artisan Chocolates. Together with partners Morgan and Char Coleman, they run this little shop. If you’ve ever met the talented team, than you know that everything they do is really about quality. Luckily for us, they already owned a large collection of high-quality original artwork. We incorporated some of those pieces into the decor, which really gives the space some history, as if they were slowly collected over time and added to the walls decade after decade. And let’s not forget the floors! It was almost mind-damaging to get the design and scale just right on the floors. Using a stencil, the original wood floors were hand painted to perfection. A true labor of love right there, but by far one of the most eye-catching elements of this design.


2015-08-19 ALH Taste12458-Nicole-Gerulat_Edit


2015-08-19 ALH Taste12522-Nicole-Gerulat_Edit

2015-08-19 ALH Taste12511-Nicole-Gerulat_Edit


We designed these extra-large banquettes to seat large groups of people, perfect for their chocolate tastings which are truly a unique experience. The curved arms and tufted backs gives them a timeless and classic look. We hung a collage of porcelain china above each banquette, some of which were heirlooms of the owners and others we found at local antique shops. Set against the pale blue walls, it’s perhaps one of our favorite little details in the design.

2015-08-19 ALH Taste12464-Nicole-Gerulat_Edit




2015-08-19 ALH Taste12614-Nicole-Gerulat_Edit

2015-08-19 ALH Taste12630-Nicole-Gerulat_Edit

So do yourself a favor and go check out Taste by Coleman & Davis, and may we recommend the Iced Chocolate from their menu. It’s heavenly! And hopefully you enjoy the beautiful atmosphere we helped create! It’s truly a little piece of Europe right here in Utah.

Designed by Jessica Bennett & Matt Dickamore | Photos by Nicole Gerulat

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