Read about Alice Lane and our approach to design in this letter from Jess

About us

If design has taught me anything, it's to remain fluid and responsive. These past few years have meant more discovery and more adjusting as new habits shape new movements and we remember that there's no place like home.

In response, I am expanding the limits of design. Because there is more than one way for a space to be beautiful. More than one way to express a feeling. More than one way for a room to function. I don't like choosing just one way.

So, I'm advocating for AND. Pieces that fit a life AND style Spaces that feel fresh AND forever. And homes that exude warmth AND sophistication.

At Alice Lane, we first seek to understand how you live and then we design for that. We believe in design that's client-conscious and collaborative so we can celebrate you. Your lifestyle. Your individuality.

In these pages, you'll find Alice Lane exclusives that we have designed with you in mind. Pieces that we've worked with artists and artisans to handcraft. Our hope is that the care and character we put into each piece will carry over into your spaces and create your feeling of home. We know that's a beautiful feeling.



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