Product Care

Fabric & Upholstery Care

Upholstery Cleaning

We recommend a professional cleaning service. Do not soak or saturate the material. Routine vacuuming or light brushing is recommended. Test any fabric cleaner in an inconspicuous location. Pilling is natural, remove with a lint or fabric shaver. Always blot, do not rub.


Dry-dust or vacuum regularly. Avoid direct sunlight. Immediately tend to spills. Blot with dry, clean cloth. Do not saturate.


Brush with soft suede brush and vacuum occasionally.


Dry clean only.

Slipcover Cleaning

We recommend a professional cleaning service. Do not remove cushion or pillow casing for separate cleaning. Clean all pieces at once.

General Care


Wipe gently with dry towel.


Carefully clean with acrylic cleaner and a soft cloth, such as Novus. For scratches use an acrylic scratch remover, carefully following directions. Do not use glass cleaner, it will cause clouding.


Wipe with soft, cotton cloth. Do not use abrasive cloths or polish.

Bone & Horn

Wash in warm water only and dry immediately.

Iron & Steel

Clean with soft cloth. Avoid water-based cleaning products.

Lamp Shades

Light dusting or vacuuming with a soft brush.


Clean with soft cloth and stone cleaner.


Hand wash in warm water. Dry completely, any water allowed to dry on may cause spots. Remove spots by polishing or gently rubbing with very fine "0000" steel wool.

Stainless Steel

Clean with warm water and soft cloth. Dry immediately after.


Clean with soft cloth and water sparingly. Do not saturate. Polish with a wood polish.

Rug Care


Use a dull instrument to scrape off food and debris. Vacuum in low power mode or with the beater turned off. Avoid using water or other liquids, as it may discolor the rug. If cleaning is necessary, contact a professional cleaner.


Vacuum on low power setting. Cut loose threads to avoid unraveling or damage to the rug. Gently blot spills with a clean cloth. Do not dry clean.

Mixed Content & Polyester

Clean spills immediately. Using a dry cotton towel, blot out the stain as much as possible. When needed, contact a professional rug cleaner.


Do not spot clean with water or other liquids as it can discolor the rug. Regularly vacuum with the beater off. If cleaning is necessary, contact a professional cleaner.