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Outdoor Spaces

There is a brown and gray brick cottage with a semi circle patio. On the patio is a fire pit and patio chairs. Large accordion doors open into the cottage to show a fireplace, sofa, and end table.

Summer is on its way! We can’t wait to soak up some sun and enjoy the warmer weather. Whether your space is big or small, we’ve got some tips to make your space perfect for you.

Designing a Layout

When designing an outdoor space we suggest talking to a landscape architect to know what layout would be best for your needs. A landscaper can advise on what type of plants to use or what direction the space should be oriented. 

Make sure you design a space that’s for you! Something we recommend for any outdoor space is to create some sort of shade. Umbrellas, pergolas, or shade covers are some of the many options to make your space more usable. Our Home Furnishing Design team would love to help select some beautiful new pieces for you. For more information, click here. 

 A large white umbrella sits in the center covering a circular wooden table with attached seating. It is an enclosed patio with brick archways and slate flooring. A warm lantern hangs from the ceiling. On the back wall is a wooden built in bench with three pillows.

Choosing the Right Materials

Every outdoor space is going to have a different climate and need different materials. In warmer places, you can be more flexible with what material you want to choose. For harsher climates, you’ll need to invest in high quality items and take extra care to maintain them. Granite and quartzite are natural dense materials that are perfect for countertops and can withstand the elements. Another option is Dekton–which is a composite man made material. If you’re interested in adding wood, we suggest Ipe since it is naturally more weather resistant. For metals we recommend stainless steel. 

Some materials to avoid in more extreme climates are teak, plated fixtures, and certain iron frames. If things aren’t properly weatherproofed, they might deteriorate faster or not last more than one season. It is also best to store furniture in a garage or have furniture coverings. When buying outdoor furniture, ask if the pieces will come with coverings. Otherwise you may need to purchase custom covers.

Wooden patio furniture surrounds a fire table. Large trees are in the background.A white basket holds sticks with smores on them. In the background is a white couch with pillows.

Get Creative

Your outside space is an extension of your home. So get creative and playful with pattern, color, and design. It should be a place where you can relax and enjoy your time with friends and family. 

When you’re entertaining, you’ll want seating that is comfortable. A good rule of thumb is that if a piece looks uncomfortable, it probably is. You’ll also want access to some sort of cooking station. For fire pits, you can choose wood burning (which will give food a smokier taste) or gas (which doesn’t change the flavor).  With either option, you’ll want to make sure that the area is properly ventilated.

For lighting, we suggest using sconces, globe lighting, or lanterns to make summer evenings even more magical and memorable. One of our absolute favorites for outdoor lighting is the Muse Lantern. Don’t feel limited in your paving options either! If you’re not interested in concrete, other options include pavers, limestone, pebble gravel, or concrete slabs with turf in between.

There is a firepit with a white couch behind it and two iron chairs in front of it. On the left side is a s'mores bar. In the background is a weathered brown barn and a tan horse.Stone steps with three lanterns of various sizes sitting on different levels. There is a pool off to the right and lounge chairs in the back.
If you're ready to get shopping, check out our Outdoor Furniture Collection. Please note lead times, and if you're not finding quite what you're looking for, email us!  

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