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The Final Touch To Your Perfect Home

The Final Touch To Your Perfect Home

You have finally finished your new build, and its time to put on the final layer, or maybe you are just looking to revamp your space. Whichever of these situations applies to you, the answer is decor! Styling and accessorizing is what makes your house feel like a home, and this is where you can really show what you are all about. There are no limits here. This is all about your taste and aesthetic, and anything goes! We are here to help you get started on this exciting step of design for your home.




Let’s talk basics. If you are looking for some tips to get started and things that look good in any space, there are a few winners that will give you a solid baseline. Number one is books. Books are like the rugs of decor. They look great in built-ins, on a Lucca Round Cocktail Table, or the Henri Entertainment Console. The great thing about books is they are so much more complex and interesting when you style them open to your favorite page on a Lucite Galerie Book Cradle. Some of our favorite books that we sell here are Tom Ford 2.0, and Men And Style.




Your next must-have is non-directional items. That means it looks good from every angle. Not only does that make these objects easier to style, but it makes for a really pleasant experience for your guests when it doesn’t matter where they are to look at the piece. Try to group these items in different sizes to keep your guests eyes intrigued. We love our Crystal Obelisks for this, or even styling our Horn Bowl with a Wooden Sculpture.




Use your collectibles as decor. If you have some beautiful things that you have inherited or collected over the years, and you want to display them, by all means! This is another great way to let people see what you are about. If you don’t have any collectibles, we have some beautiful pieces that look very collected, like the Wooded Links and the Mosaic Bone Bowl.




Crystal is a favorite at Alice Lane. It adds such an elegant beauty to a space. The transparency is so sheik and the facets of the crystal bouncing the light around the room is so exciting. It even creates rainbows in the room when the sun light hits it just right. You cannot go wrong with crystal, and we have several options to choose from. The Crystal Orb Frame along with all of our crystal frames are beautiful. The Crystal Candle Dish and Crystal Candlesticks are also incredible. 




Trays are a necessity. This is a prime example of form and function. Get a large tray for your coffee table so that you can style everything inside of it, and when you need to clear the coffee table for any reason, it is as easy as moving the tray. No need to take pictures to remember how you had it all styled, it just all moves in one piece. It’s like magic! The one rule we live by at Alice Lane as far as trays are concerned is don’t use a circle or oval tray. It leaves difficult dead space around the tray. There is a reason our Sting Trays are square.




Greenery is the last necessary thing that you need to get started with styling your home. It is the best way to bring life into your home. You can go real or faux, just make sure that if it is faux, style it where you would put a real one to create a sense of authenticity. We love to put plants in the Opal Shell Jar or her baby sister, the Opal Shell Vase. They look so elegant and beautiful.




These are are all just fundamental points to help you start creating space that you love to be in. Use your imagination and sense of self to find what your space needs and what you will love the most. That is the greatest thing about styling. You are able to display what you love and be creative in the space where you live! Listen to this episode of Dear Alice to get even more styling tips from Jessica Bennett and Suzanne Hall.



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