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Making An Entrance

Making An Entrance

It is a well known fact that first impressions are everything. That is absolutely the case with your home, and the entry way is what all of your guests will see first. Making your entry way beautiful and reflective of your style and personality is essential! This is your chance to be dramatic and do something that will make a real impression.

The Grand Entry

We love a large, grand entry way. The ones that make you feel like you just walked into a 5-star hotel. It's always such an honor to be able to style these entries because there is just no limit. This is the time that you get to have a big entry hall table like the Frida Center Hall Table right in the middle of the entry, and it feels so luxurious. If this is in your home, make your guests feel like a king or queen when they walk in, and just go big!

 Grand Entry Way with curved staircase    Grand Entry Way with curved staircase


Entry Living Room

In a lot of homes, your front door may open up right into your living room. You can still have an entry moment by making a statement with a Henri Entertainment Console or Nina Leather Bench near the door. Using a rug is another great way to differentiate what is the entry way and what is the living room. Try using the Fife Rug or the Midnight Tassel Rug. Work with your space, and don't let the lack of it stop you from creating something amazing!



All The Senses

The entry way is the appetizer of your home. It gives your guests a sense of what they are about to get, so you want to makes sure that you demonstrate that very well right when they walk in. Play to all of the senses. Have a candle of your favorite scent burning when they walk in. Put out a your favorite candy in an Italian Blown Glass Dish. Let people see your style and vibe, and let them feel what you feel living in this home.



Check out this styling session with Jessica Bennett on entry ways!


Break Up the Straight Lines

An entry way is usually full of straight lines. Grout lines in the tile work, or seams in the hard wood, or even stairs are all patterns of straight lines. You really want to bring some shape into the space. Rounded and organic shapes are very helpful to break up the monotony of straight lines and give the eye something exciting to look at. Try styling some stems in the Opal Shell Jar, or hang an Oxford Round Mirror.




It is such a good feeling to come in to a home and click your heels on some tile, or feel like you've just landed on some robust hardwood. It makes the transition from the outside to inside feel more clean and crisp. What you don't want is to have carpet in your entry way. That is just asking for constant vacuuming and is not very pleasant or natural feeling. Whenever possible, be sure that your entry is found on a hard surface.



Rugs are a great way to add some variety to the floor of your entry way. We absolutely adore our Gemi Rug (pictured above by the blue door). A big rug with a beautiful pattern is very welcoming and perfect for the entry.

Learn more about entry ways and all the wonderful and exciting things possible when styling one from this episode of Dear Alice. Jess and Sue go into great detail about how you can make your entry way perfect!


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