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5 Must-Haves for your Kitchen

5 Must-Haves for your Kitchen

Here are our 5 kitchen picks for a beautiful and welcoming life + style.

1. The Runner Rug

Soften your steps and the sound by adding a plush runner in the kitchen. We like them accenting the sink, leading to the pantry, or near the back door. 

Give your toes some luxury while working in the kitchen. A soft runner at your feet adds a level of luxury and softness to the kitchen. It also helps combat slippery (and crumby) floors.  THE FINN & FIFFE PLAID RUGS are ideal for filling in narrow spaces - like those between a kitchen island and nearby counter. Long runners can also make your kitchen look bigger, making them an ideal choice for smaller spaces. 

Finn Plaid Rug

2. The Statement Bowl

A stately bowl gives that finishing touch to the kitchen countertop, island, and dining table. We especially love finishing touches in marble.

A statement bowl gives all the little things  (i.e. clutter) an elegant (and intentional) new home. Organize and elevate your kitchen with one of our newest favorites from the marble collection - bowls and vases hand crafted from natural marble and available in different sizes and silhouettes.

 Marble Bowls and Vases

3. The Prep+Serve Board

We love pieces with more than one purpose. Decorate, slice AND/OR serve on these charming boards that turn simple apps into art. 

Our go-to finger foods that are easy to prep (but still taste impressive) :

1. Prosciutto wrapped melon (with fresh mint),

2. Caprese salad (with fresh basil), and

3. Bruschetta on toasty baguettes. 

Charcuterie Boards


4. The Lamp Lighting

If you've been with us for a while, you know about our obsession with lamp lighting for evenings at home. If you're new - take note.  This is a game changer for those cozy evenings. 

THE PENNY LAMP is petite and curvy. She looks great on a countertop, at a command center, or on open shelves. 

Turn off those bright overheads and light up the kitchen space with soft lamp light - perfect for late night conversations and bedtime tea.  

Small Kitchen Lamp 

5. The Candle Scent

We're choosy with what candles and scents we bring in our homes. The  LOLA JAMES FIRST MORNING CANDLE is a lovely, fresh, easy scent that works in every season and every space. Adding a hurricane makes the glow even more charming!

We always have a candle in the kitchen. A signature scent to add ambience and warmth and/or mask the leftover smells from dinner prep. Part of our nightly routine to refresh and unwind. And part of our routine before guests arrive to set the mood.  

Candle in Hurricane


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I think I need that Marble Handkerchief bowl!


Love this! Need to add a couple of these tips to my kitchen!

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